Bram Greenfeld: Can I sit there?

Simon Spier: I was kind of waiting for somebody.

Bram Greenfeld: Yeah, I know.

Simon Spier: It’s you.

Bram Greenfeld: It’s me.

Simon Spier: But that night at the party…

Bram Greenfeld: Yeah. I was drunk and confused. And it ended, like, a minute after you saw us.

Simon Spier: And you’re Jewish.

Bram Greenfeld: Yeah.

Simon Spier: Which is cool.

Bram Greenfeld: And I’m black, too. And gay. It’s kind of crazy, huh?

Simon Spier: I didn’t think you’d come.

Bram Greenfeld: Me neither. Until I was walking towards you, I didn’t think I had it in me. Are you disappointed that it’s me?

Simon Spier: No. (kisses Bram)

From the movie Love, Simon (2018) | Produced by Fox 2000 Pictures