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Simon Spier: Blue... I might not know your name or what you look like. But I know who you are. I know you're funny and thoughtful. That you choose your words carefully and that they're always perfect. And I know that you've been pretending for so long it's hard to believe you can stop. I get it. Like I told you at the very beginning, I'm just like you. So, Blue... after the play, Friday at 10:00, you know where I'll be. No pressure for you to show up, but I hope you do. Because you deserve a great love story too. Love, Simon.

Simon Spier: I am done being scared. I'm done living in a world where I don't get to be who I am. I deserve a great love story.

Simon Spier: Announcing who you are to the world is pretty terrifying because what if the world doesn't like you?

Jack Spier: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you 20 years of bliss. (plays a music video edited from their family home videos)

Emily Spier: Did you guys do this?

Jack Spier: Simon and I did it, yeah.

Simon Spier: I just helped.

Jack Spier: It was mostly me.

Emily Spier: Yeah, right. I can't believe you did this. I panicked and bought you a watch.

Jack Spier (suggestively): That's okay. You can give me somethin' later that I can't get in the store.

Leah Burke: Tell me about this guy you love.

Simon Spier: You sure?

Leah Burke: Yeah. It'll help me kill off Hetero Simon in my mind.

Simon Spier: You don't have to kill him off.

Leah Burke: He's dead, Si. Hacking him up with a mental machete as we speak.

Simon Spier: All right. Fair enough.

Leah Burke: If I'm your best friend, then why did you come out to Abby and not me?

Simon Spier: Think it was easier. I've known Abby for six months, and I've known you for 13 years. And I knew that if I told you, that everything was gonna be different. I really wanted things to stay the same.

Emily Spier (to Simon): As soon as you came out, you said, "Mom, I'm still me." I need you to hear this. You are still you, Simon. And you are still the same son who I love to tease, and who your father depends on for just about everything. And you're the same brother who always compliments his sister on her food, even when it sucks. But you get to exhale now, Simon. You get to be more you than you have been in... in a very long time. You deserve everything you want. My boy.

Martin Addison: I just didn't think it was gonna be a big thing.

Simon Spier: I don't care if you didn't think that my coming out was gonna be a big thing, Martin! Look, you don't get to decide that. I'm supposed to be the one that decides when and where, and how and who knows and how I get to say it. That's supposed to be my thing! And you took that away from me.

Jackie (all sad and worried): Did you date me because you think I look like a guy?

Simon Spier: No. No, I actually broke up with you because you don't look like a guy.

Jackie (cheers up): Oh. Oh, okay. Thanks.

Simon Spier: Welcome.

Simon Spier: I can't be sure this whole "being gay" thing is forever.

Leah Burke: Do you ever feel weird?

Simon Spier: Weird?

Leah Burke: Yeah. Sometimes I feel like I'm always on the outside.

Simon Spier: What do you mean?

Leah Burke: Like tonight, you know... I was at that party, and it was fun, but... it kinda felt like I was watching it from across the room. I don't know, there's this invisible line that I have to cross to really be a part of everything and I just, I can't ever cross it.

Love Simon Quotes

Love, Simon Quotes


Title: Love, Simon (2018)
Format: Movie
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Produced by: Fox 2000 Pictures
Release Date: March 16, 2018
Based on: Novel: Simon vs. the H*mo Sapiens Agenda

Synopsis / Summary

A young coming-of-age tale about a teenage boy, Simon Spier, goes through a different kind of Romeo and Juliet story. Simon has a love connection with a boy, Blue, by email, but the only problem is that Simon has no idea who he’s talking to. Simon must discover who that boy is–who Blue is. Along the way, he tries to find himself as well. (IMDb)

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