Zahra: Where is she? Hello, hello? Little missy?

Alex: Zahra, please. It’s all chill.

Zahra: It’s all chill? You hook up with some rando the night before your mother’s acceptance speech. You don’t have her sign an NDA, of that I’m certain, and then you let her bring her phone in here, transmitting God knows what to God knows who.

Alex: Trust me, she’s not gonna do any of that.

Zahra: Yeah, Alex, yeah. That is really chill.

Henry (in the closet): Ow.

(Zahra runs to open it…)

Henry: Good morning.

This quote comes from the movie ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’. The movie is based on a novel of the same name written by Casey McQuiston. | Red, White & Royal Blue is produced by Amazon Studios