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Michonne Grimes (to Rick): Despite all the odds, all the years, I found you, Rick. I came here through the hell that we have both been through to take you home. You think that's all for nothing? For us to just go our separate ways? No. We go home, Rick, and we figure out how to protect it together. That's how we make it all make sense. We love on each other, as hard as we can, while we can.

Michonne Grimes: What did they do to you? Rick, I need you to try to tell me what is really going on here. What did they take from you?

Rick Grimes: Carl. They took Carl. I lost him again. When I got taken, and I fought and I fought, and I just... I tried to get away, but... but, but how I would dream. I'd meet up with Carl in my dreams. And that's how I survived in here. Kept me alive. And then one day, he was just gone. He just left. But then I started dreaming of you. And there you were. You and I fell in love in different ways, and it kept me going. And then you were gone, too. I couldn't see your face anymore, just like I couldn't see Carl's. I can't live without you. Without you, I die. And I figured out how to do that. I know how to be dead and live now. You can't just come back here, make me come alive again if... I don't know if I won't lose you again. What if I lose you and I can't figure out how to die all over again? I can't...

Michonne Grimes (to Rick): This hope that you have in the CRM, sacrificing yourself... it's not real. We, your family, are real. I'm real. Our love? This? It doesn't get denied. No matter what you keep trying to tell me or yourself. And this... this back and forth it's hurting me, Rick. It's making me become someone I don't recognize. You're hurting me. And I know you. That is not how you love.

(Michonne is stuck, Rick is trying to free her, the walkers are coming...)

Michonne Grimes: You've got to go.

Rick Grimes: That is never happening.

Michonne Grimes: I just needed to hear that.

Rick Grimes: This is what I need to do to keep you safe!

Michonne Grimes: The only time I feel safe is when I'm with you.

Michonne Grimes (to Rick): When folks try to save the world their own way, it tends to go to sh*t.

Pearl Thorne (to Michonne): People like you, they're not let in. You're a leader, what we call an "A." If you are allowed to live in the city, you won't work, farm, shop, read. No. You'll look for answers. You'll ask what happened here and why and to whom, and you'll seek justice based on a feeling in your gut, a feeling you can't name.

Jadis Stokes: Again, I-I did save your life.

Rick Grimes: Well, now you get to save hers. You're a hero... with a sh*t haircut.

(Michonne's message to Judith...)

Michonne Grimes (narration): There is no much I don't know yet, about the people here, and how they were able to keep someone as strong as the brave man for so long. He's been trying to come home all this time. They've stopped him, again and again. But Shoto they can't stop us.

Rick Grimes: You didn't threaten me or the people I love before when I told you I was gonna get away.

Jadis Stokes: That's 'cause I knew you couldn't.

Rick Grimes: What changed?

Jadis Stokes (about Rick and Michonne): You two together? You can do anything.

Jadis Stokes: This doesn't fall under our longstanding deal. You have to know that if you try to escape with her, I will make sure that all those people that you love die, including a few that I like very much. You have to know that. I'm certain that you do. I've had to do things like that. My hands are already covered in blood. They can't get any bloodier. So I have to ask you this question, and I'm sorry for the language, but you've heard a lot of language from me. Yes, yes, yes. Rick, what the f**k are you doing?

Jadis Stokes (to Rick about Michonne): It's amazing what's happened. Truly amazing. I mean, in a world where most people are dead, the living can continue to bump into each other. I can see that. But still, she found you. If anyone could, she could.

Rick Grimes (about Judith and others): They're okay? She's okay?

Michonne Grimes: Yes. She's okay. She...

Rick Grimes: What is it?

Michonne Grimes: When we get away...

Rick Grimes: No, she's okay?

Michonne Grimes: She's us, Rick. The rest when we get away.

Nat (about Rick): Is... Is it still him? Can you tell?

Michonne Grimes: I can.

Nat: See? You can still believe and know when...

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