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Gerard Argent: You didn't fail. You gave the people of Beacon Hills what they've always needed. A voice. And as a victim yourself, you make the perfect messenger.

Tamora Monroe: And what exactly is our message?

Gerard Argent: That this world belongs to us.

Chris Argent: What is the message I'm taking back? What do I tell Scott?

Gerard Argent: You tell him to run.

Gerard Argent (to new hunter): Everything's a lesson, every moment with me. And if there's one thing you learn today, it's this, the best way to build an army is through fear.

Tamora Monroe: I thought we're trying to hunt down a werewolf.

Gerard Argent: Anyone can learn to hunt one werewolf. We are building an army.

Tamora Monroe: An army?

Gerard Argent: To hunt them all.

Tamora Monroe: Who are you?

Gerard Argent: Someone who has been doing this a lot longer than you, but also someone who recognizes raw talent when he sees it.

Gerard Argent: This is a surprising alliance, Scott. You and Deucalion? How long have you been planning this clever little double cross?

Chris Argent: About as long as he and I have been planning this one. I knew when I brought you back, it would never be about saving lives. Only about immortalizing your own. (points a gun at Gerard)

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Teen Wolf Quotes

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  Stiles Stilinski is played by actor Dylan O'Brien and is the son of Sheriff Stilinski. Stiles is the best friend of Scott McCall, and together with him they are the main characters of the series. His real name is Mieczysław Stilinski, but he goes by the nickname Stiles.   Throughout the series, Stiles develops romantic feelings for Lydia Martin, a popular girl at their school, and eventually begins a relationship with her.   Despite not having supernatural abilities like many of the other characters in the show, Stiles is still an integral part of the Teen Wolf universe. Fans admire him for his humor, intelligence, and loyalty to his friends. Stiles is best known for his witty remarks and sarcastic humor making the story of Teen Wolf so much more enjoyable. He is not only a comic relief, but also a extremely intelligent person, who often serves as the group's researcher and strategist. Which is the main thing that keeps his supernatural friends with the tendency to go head first into everything safe.