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Stiles Stilinski (to Liam): Since you're taking over, the most important thing you can remember is that Mason is always gonna be the one who's there to save your ass all the time.

Scott McCall: Well, not all the time.

Stiles Stilinski: Most of the time though. Which is why... I think you're gonna need this.

Mason Hewitt: Uh, I don't play baseball.

Stiles Stilinski: Right, neither do I. It's... It's not the point. (Gives him the bat)

Scott McCall: Last day ever.

Stiles Stilinski: Well, it just feels so anti-climactic.

Lydia Martin: Well, there's the whole graduation thing.

Malia Tate: I've gotta go to summer school or I can't do the whole graduation thing.

Scott McCall: Let's do it.

Stiles Stilinski: No. Come on, wait... Guys? This can't be it.

Claudia Stilinski: Even from the Hunt, you somehow wormed your way back into his memory.

Stiles Stilinski: Yeah, worming is one of my skills.

Scott McCall: It can't be this easy.

Stiles Stilinski: Yes, it can, Scott. It can be this easy. For once, let's do easy.

Stiles Stilinski: Seems like you got an idea, let's disc... (Liam runs away) Where are you going?

Liam Dunbar: I'll be back.

Stiles Stilinski: Were we like that?

Scott McCall: Worse.

Stiles Stilinski: Can't believe I'm gone a couple days, the whole place falls apart.

Scott McCall: No, you were gone for three months.

Stiles Stilinski: I was... What? Okay, if they don't let me graduate, I swear to God...

Stiles Stilinski: Oh, my god, you know me? You remember me?

Lydia Martin: Stiles, is thi... is this you? Is this actually you?

Stiles Stilinski: Yeah. Listen to me... do you remember the last thing I said to you?

Lydia Martin: You said... you said, "remember I love you."

Peter Hale: Do you get it? We don't exist. And we are already forgotten.

Stiles Stilinski: Somebody's gonna remember me. Either Lydia, or Scott, Malia, someone. They're gonna find me, all right? They'll come for me. Who would ever come for you?

Peter Hale: You give me a call when your high school sweethearts conjure up a plan to get out of here.

Peter Hale: It had to be you.

Stiles Stilinski: Peter? Peter, what are you doing here? How are you here?

Peter Hale: What do you mean how am I here? I'm here. You are here. We are all here. Now, get the hell away from me, Stiles.

Scott McCall: You know what actually worries me the most?

Stiles Stilinski: If you say Allison, I'm gonna punch you in the head.

Scott McCall: What are you trying to do? I just made first line. I got a date with a girl who I can't believe wants to go out with me, and everything in my life is somehow perfect. Why are you trying to ruin it?

Stiles Stilinski: I'm trying to help. You're cursed, Scott. You know, and it's not just the moon will cause you to physically change. It also just so happens to be when your bloodlust will be at its peak.

Scott McCall: Bloodlust?

Stiles Stilinski: Yeah, your urge to kill.

Scott McCall: I'm already starting to feel an urge to kill, Stiles.

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