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Mason Hewitt: Wounds heal. People move. Things change.

Liam Dunbar: Yeah. But it still hurts, though.

Stiles Stilinski (to Liam): Since you're taking over, the most important thing you can remember is that Mason is always gonna be the one who's there to save your ass all the time.

Scott McCall: Well, not all the time.

Stiles Stilinski: Most of the time though. Which is why... I think you're gonna need this.

Mason Hewitt: Uh, I don't play baseball.

Stiles Stilinski: Right, neither do I. It's... It's not the point. (Gives him the bat)

Mason Hewitt: We're not going.

Hayden Romero: We're not leaving you.

Corey Bryant: Somebody just made team captain, right?

Liam Dunbar: Yeah. Guess I did.

Mason Hewitt: Then what do we do?

Liam Dunbar: Catch a Ghost Ryder.

Corey Bryant: That's how he got in?

Liam Dunbar: What is it?

Mason Hewitt: It's a point of impact from a lightning strike. Usually you'd find charred spots like that on the ground after a violent thunderstorm.

Scott McCall: That's how the ghost rider got in. He rode the lightning.

Liam Dunbar: If they can use lightning to get past the mountain ash...

Scott McCall: No place is safe.

Mason Hewitt: Werewolf stuff.

Natalie Martin: I thought I made it clear that Beacon Hills High School is a dedicated safe space. I had to convince 23 students that what they saw in the library last semester was a large bear and the fangs on Scott McCall were the result of acute Teenage Hallucination Syndrome.

Corey Bryant: What is Teenage Hallucination Syndrome?

Natalie Martin: I have no idea.

Coach Finstock: Extra credit? At 9 o'clock at night? Come on, guys. Get the hell out of here. Go have lives. Your teenage years are not the time for academic achievement.

Mason Hewitt: Yes, they are.

Coach Finstock: That's a lie sold to you by the government. Go find some girls, get into trouble. Live a little.

Corey Bryant: We're gay.

Coach Finstock: Even better. Go gays! Now get out of my face! I don't get paid to lock up after you losers.

Mason Hewitt: Yes, you do.

Coach Finstock: Get out of here! Go wreak some havoc like the other kids.

Liam Dunbar (to Hayden and Mason): Stand back.

(Liam charges against to door to get them open, Mason opens them and Liam falls in)

Mason Hewitt (to Hayden): It's open.

Mason Hewitt: There was a... This fight in the hallways. Liam and this other guy. Hayden sort of accidentally walked into it. And this is her yearbook photo. (shows him photo of Hayden with her face bruised)

Brett Talbot: What did she do to him? (Mason shows him another picture, this time of Liam's bruised face)

Mason Hewitt (to Kira): The book. It's just one long language trick.

Mason Hewitt: Considering the state of my dating life, I need a wingman, co-pilot and a really hot flight attendant.


Liam Dunbar: I'm his flight attendant.

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