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Melissa McCall: I'm supposed to just tell him to give up?

Chris Argent: I'm not asking him to give up. I just want him to survive.

Melissa McCall: I've never told Scott to run and hide and I'm not going to start now.

Melissa McCall: I take it Gerard's not gonna meet?

Chris Argent: He's not interested in negotiating.

Melissa McCall: What does he want?

Chris Argent: As far as I can tell, he... Genocide.

(Argent shoots Ghost Rider Wild West style, Melissa runs to him and kisses him)

Chris Argent: What was that for?

Melissa McCall: That was so hot.

Melissa McCall: They're all sealed shut. Bet you wouldn't mind having a werewolf around right now... to rip them off their hinges.

Chris Argent: Like to have one around for another reason right now. Get back. (Argent takes a gun from Ghost Rider and shoots him) I gotta get me one of these.

Malia Tate: Think it's working?

Melissa McCall: Should be. Looks painful enough.

Melissa McCall: Remember who we're dealing with. Your father is a ruthless con man who always has a devious plan to hurt everyone around him. What happens when he gets up out of that bed? You got a plan of your own?

Malia Tate: I have a plan. I don't know if it's devious.

Melissa McCall: At least it's a plan.

Malia Tate: The morgue? I'm not dead yet.

Melissa McCall: You're a Werecoyote. It's private down here, and this is going to hurt. Try not to roar.

Chris Argent: You got anything for the pain?

Malia Tate: No, I can take it.

Chris Argent: It's for me.

Melissa McCall: You're probably wondering why I'm out here when I could be nestled at home reading a book. And that's because I'm sick of seeing people that I care about wheeled past the nurses' station on a gurney. All of you are out here, risking your lives, and it's about time that I do something too.

Chris Argent: In my experience, when tracking homicidal supernaturals, it's best to be quiet.

Chris Argent: The pineal gland is believed to be the seat of the soul. A conduit to express our souls through physical actions.

Melissa McCall: So someone or something is biting open heads to what? Steal souls?

Chris Argent: Looks that way. But the real question is why?

Chris Argent: Good morning.

Melissa McCall: You know, normal people knock? Something tells me you're not here just to make me coffee.

Chris Argent: I need your help. There's a body in your morgue and it needs examining...

Melissa McCall: And you can only sneak into kitchens.

(Melissa gives Scott keys to her car)

Melissa McCall: We don't need to have a talk, do we?

Scott McCall: Mom, I'm not having the safe sex talk with you.

Melissa McCall: Oh, my God. No, I meant about keeping the tank full. Give me those back.

Scott McCall: Something's changed.

Melissa McCall: What do you mean?

Scott McCall: I'm not sure. Something's different. With me and my friends. With all of us. Something's changed. I think it's because of me. And I don't know how to fix it.

Sheriff Stilinski: No more bending the rules for anyone.

Melissa McCall: Maybe you should learn to bend a little before someone breaks.

Sheriff Stilinski: The part about finding the body in your kitchen works fine. But, then, it gets a little confusing when you describe the body as a monstrous Chimera and then go on about werewolves, Banshees, Kanimas...

Melissa McCall: You're right. I forgot about the Dread Doctors.

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