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Garrett Douglas: Unbelievable. Even in the face of insurmountable odds. I don't know if it's suicide or stupidity.

Scott McCall: Maybe both. Either way, I'm getting to that diverter.

Garrett Douglas: You of all people, Scott, should know what happens to a lone wolf.

Theo Raeken: He's not alone. He's got a pack.

Malia Tate: And Theo's not in it. But I am.

Peter Hale: I'm not... in the pack. But no one likes a Na*zi.

Theo Raeken (to Liam): You! You're going first. That's the only reason I'm with you. Because while they're busy wrapping a whip around your neck, or shooting a hole in your head, I'll be running the other direction. I'm on your side as long it helps me.

Theo Raeken (about Stiles): He was smart! Smart enough not to trust me.

Sheriff Stilinski: If I let you out and I see any behavior that I find remotely suspicious, I'll put so many bullets in your head, God won't even recognize you.

Theo Raeken: I'm an atheist. Fire at will.

Theo Raeken: Please, please tell me that you brought the key card.

Sheriff Stilinski: I also brought my gun.

Theo Raeken: And your sense of humor. That is great.

Theo Raeken: Now what do we do?

Scott McCall: Try and talk to him.

Liam Dunbar: Mr. Ghost Rider? Mr. Rider?

Theo Raeken (to Tara): It's okay. You don't have to stop.

Theo Raeken (to Scott): Somehow I don't think we're gonna hug this out.

Kira Yukimura: The Skinwalkers have a message for you, Theo. Your sister wants to see you. (Theo's sister appears in a crack in the floor)

Theo Raeken: Scott! Help me, Scott! (as his sister is pulling him down the crack)

Theo Raeken (to Scott and Liam): I told you we'd end up on the same side.

Liam Dunbar: How about I punch you in the balls to remind you we're not?

Theo Raeken (to Scott): Stiles hit him with the wrench, and then, he just, he just kept hitting him. He crushed that kid's skull. I heard it cracking and splintering.

Theo Raeken: You know, Lydia's a Banshee. It means she can tell when someone's close to death. Lydia, what happens if he walks out that door?

Lydia Martin: It's bad. Very bad.

Corey Bryant: I'll take my chances.

Theo Raeken: Did you feel bad about it? Not now. I mean right then. Right when it happened. What were you thinking the moment you knew he was dead and there was no saving him?

Stiles Stilinski: One word... Good.

Theo Raeken: A werewolf's eyes are supposed to change color when you take an innocent life. Do these look blue to you? It was self-defense. For me and for you.

Stiles Stilinski: Or maybe you just don't feel all that bad about it. You can't say one life is objectively less innocent than another one. What if they turn blue 'cause you feel guilty.

Theo Raeken: So it's up to interpretation?

Stiles Stilinski: Yeah, maybe.

Theo Raeken: So what's the punishment for killing a chimera?

Stiles Stilinski: You spend five hours in the car with Theo Raeken.

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