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Corey Bryant: I thought your premonition was about people turning on each other?

Lydia Martin: I was wrong.

Corey Bryant: They're gonna turn on us.

Lydia Martin: And I think it's already started.

Mason Hewitt: We're not going.

Hayden Romero: We're not leaving you.

Corey Bryant: Somebody just made team captain, right?

Liam Dunbar: Yeah. Guess I did.

Mason Hewitt: Then what do we do?

Liam Dunbar: Catch a Ghost Ryder.

Corey Bryant: That's how he got in?

Liam Dunbar: What is it?

Mason Hewitt: It's a point of impact from a lightning strike. Usually you'd find charred spots like that on the ground after a violent thunderstorm.

Scott McCall: That's how the ghost rider got in. He rode the lightning.

Liam Dunbar: If they can use lightning to get past the mountain ash...

Scott McCall: No place is safe.

Mason Hewitt: Werewolf stuff.

Natalie Martin: I thought I made it clear that Beacon Hills High School is a dedicated safe space. I had to convince 23 students that what they saw in the library last semester was a large bear and the fangs on Scott McCall were the result of acute Teenage Hallucination Syndrome.

Corey Bryant: What is Teenage Hallucination Syndrome?

Natalie Martin: I have no idea.

Coach Finstock: Extra credit? At 9 o'clock at night? Come on, guys. Get the hell out of here. Go have lives. Your teenage years are not the time for academic achievement.

Mason Hewitt: Yes, they are.

Coach Finstock: That's a lie sold to you by the government. Go find some girls, get into trouble. Live a little.

Corey Bryant: We're gay.

Coach Finstock: Even better. Go gays! Now get out of my face! I don't get paid to lock up after you losers.

Mason Hewitt: Yes, you do.

Coach Finstock: Get out of here! Go wreak some havoc like the other kids.

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