Come and enjoy the best quotes from Teen Wolf’s episode ‘A Novel Approach‘.
A Novel Approach‘ is the fifth episode of season 5. (s05e05)
In case you don’t remember what was this episode about, here is synopsis:


The pack enters Eichen House in order to learn more about the Dread Doctors. (

Top 16 Quotes from Teen Wolf 5×05

Ordered chronologically as they appear in the episode
  1. Teen Wolf 5x05 Quote - I'm just gonna eat your legs.
    Donovan Donati:
    Don’t worry, Stiles. I’m not gonna kill you… I’m just gonna eat your legs.
  2. Scott McCall: Someone’s stealing the bodies.
  3. From the back cover of book named Dread Doctors:
    They’re coming for all of us
    In a small New England town, teenagers are taken in the night and buried alive. Days later they emerge transformed, wreaking havoc and spreading terror, commanded by a ancient order of parascientists known only as the Dread Doctors.Malia Tate: I think we’re living volume two.
    Lydia Martin: Then maybe the real question is… Is this a novel or someone’s prediction?
  4. Theo Raeken: You guys do this a lot, huh?
    Scott McCall: Do what?
    Theo Raeken: Get involved.
    Scott McCall: Yeah, I guess.
  5. Stiles Stilinski: Malia’s not going because she knows that that place is a nightmare asylum of insanity and death.
  6. Teen Wolf 5x05 Quote - Teamwork.
    Stiles Stilinski:
    I’m not letting you go to a place where once of the orderlies almost killed you.
    Lydia Martin: He almost killed you too.
    Stiles Stilinski: And we’re both still alive. See? Teamwork.
  7. Kira Yukimura (to Scott): You don’t remember saying a lot of things.
  8. Teen Wolf 5x05 Quote - We shouldn't be killing the people we're supposed to protect.
    Scott McCall (to Stiles):
    We shouldn’t be killing the people we’re supposed to save.
  9. Security guard: While you’re down here, try not to make eye contact with anyone or anything.
  10. Teen Wolf 5x05 Quote - The Sluagh.
    Dr. Valack:
    The creature in the previous cell The Sluagh. The myth is that they can take on the appereance of the lost souls that have become inextricably bound to it.
  11. Teen Wolf 5x05 Quote - Few teenagers never considered the consequences.
    Dr. Valack:
    It’s not just a book.
    Lydia Martin: What is it?
    Dr. Valack: A tool. Designed to open your eyes.
    Stiles Stilinski: To what?
    Dr. Valack: To them. The Dread Doctors.
  12. Dr. Valack (about Dread Doctors): They were scientists once. Scientists who worshipped the supernatural. they found their secrets in electromagnetic forces. Ways to prolong their lives, give them power, and most importantly, making you forget you ever saw them.
  13. Dr. Valack: And now they’re back. All because a few teenagers, who never even considered the consequences, decided to reignite a supernatural force they barely understand.
    Lydia Martin: The Nemeton.
  14. Teen Wolf 5x05 Quote - They're here and you opened the door for them.
    Dr. Valack:
    They knew you were coming. They’re here. And you unlocked the door for them.
  15. Dr. Valack: Read the book!
  16. Stiles Stilinski: All of this, it’s on us. Everything that’s happened, everything that’s going to happen. It’s our fault.
    Lydia Martin: It’s our responsibility.

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