Hotel manager: We’re fully booked, madam. You must have made a mistake. I’m sure you and your lovely family can find other accommodation. May I suggest you explore Chinatown?

Felicity Leong (in Chinese): You can explore Hell. You dog turd.

Eleanor Young: Please, may I use your phone to call my husband? It’s the least you can do.

(He doesn’t comply, so she has to go to a phone booth outside and returns after)

Hotel manager: Mrs. Young, I must ask you to leave or I’ll have to call the police.

Eleanor Young: Please, go right ahead.

Hotel manager: Lord Calthorpe, my apologies for the disturbance.

Lord Calthorpe: Eleanor! I just got off the phone with your husband. Get the Lancaster Suite ready. Now.

Hotel manager: Surely you’re joking, sir.

Lord Calthorpe: I assure you, I’m not. As of this evening, my family’s long history as custodians of the Calthorpe is ended. I’m selling the hotel to my dear friends, the Young family of Singapore. Meet the new lady of the house, Eleanor Young. Join me for a toast.

Eleanor Young: We’d be delighted. (to the manager): Do get a mop. The floor’s wet.

From Crazy Rich Asians (2018)