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Tyler Galpin: Look, I did a terrible thing, but I swear I'm not a terrible person.

Wednesday Addams: Did you think I was going to judge you over some lousy prank? I would have taken it further.

Tyler Galpin: Like putting piranhas in a swimming pool? I may have done a little digging on you after we met.

Wednesday Addams: I'd do it again.

(Tyler sees Wednesday in her prom dress...)

Tyler Galpin: Wow, you look...

Wednesday Addams: Unrecognizable? Ridiculous? A classic example of female objectification for the male gaze?

Tyler Galpin: Amazing. I mean it, Wednesday. You look beautiful.

Wednesday Addams: I know my way around the great outdoors.

Tyler Galpin: Don't tell me you were a Girl Scout.

Wednesday Addams: I could eat Girl Scouts for breakfast. I have an uncle who went to prison for that.

Tyler Galpin: You're becoming obsessed with this monster in the woods thing.

Wednesday Addams: Would you rather I develop an obsession with horses and boy bands?

Tyler Galpin (about his dad): You must think it's weird I'm stalking him.

Wednesday Addams: No, I consistently stalk my parents.

Wednesday Addams: I'm not used to people engaging with me. Most see me coming and cross the street.

Tyler Galpin: You're not scary. You're just kinda... kooky.

Wednesday Addams: I prefer spooky.

(Wednesday fixes the espresso machine for Tyler...)

Wednesday Addams: You have a valve issue. I've seen it before.

Tyler Galpin: Where? You have one of these monsters at home?

Wednesday Addams: Steam-powered guillotine. I built it when I was ten. I wanted to decapitate my dolls more efficiently.

Tyler Galpin: Sure. Grim Reaper Barbie, makes perfect sense.

Tyler Galpin: The espresso machine's having a seizure, so all we have is drip.

Wednesday Addams: But drip is for people who hate themselves and know their lives have no real purpose or meaning.

Tyler Galpin: Holy crap! Do you make a habit of scaring the hell out of people?

Wednesday Addams: It's more of a hobby.

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