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Bianca Barclay: I finally make something of myself and you want to destroy it.

Bianca's mother: You haven't made squat, Bianca. You're just scamming a higher class of people, but they are not your friends. Sooner or later they will see through you. A siren can never change her scales.

Bianca Barclay: You're lucky.

Wednesday Addams: Do tell.

Bianca Barclay: You don't care what people think of you.

Wednesday Addams: Honestly, I wish I cared a little more.

Bianca Barclay: You don't know what it's like.

Wednesday Addams: Being beautiful and popular?

Bianca Barclay: Never knowing people's true feelings. If someone likes me for me.

Wednesday Addams: What about your amulet?

Bianca Barclay: It's not foolproof. It's a mild prophylactic, so to speak. That's why Xavier broke up with me. He could never fully trust me. The worst part is I could never trust his feelings either. I never knew if they were real or not.

Wednesday Addams: Whoever invented high heels clearly had a side hustle as a torturer.

Bianca Barclay: As my dear mother always says, "Fire tests gold, suffering tests a woman."

Marilyn Thornhill: Wednesday, perhaps you can identify the ghost orchid's greatest qualities.

Wednesday Addams: Resilience and adaptability. It's able to thrive in even the most hostile environments.

Bianca Barclay: But its mere presence can change the ecosystem, causing the established plants to reject it.

Wednesday Addams: Usually because the native species is allowed to thrive unchecked. Nothing a Weedwackercouldn't fix.

Bianca Barclay: You can most certainly try.

Xavier Thorpe: Are we still talking about flowers?

Marilyn Thornhill: Thank you, ladies, for those illuminating insights. Clearly the plants aren't the only carnivores in class today.

Bianca Barclay: What are you? Alto, soprano or just loco?

(Wednesday opens her mouth, the glass breaks...)

Bianca Barclay: Huh? What was that?

Wednesday Addams: A note only dogs can hear.

Bianca Barclay (to Wednesday): Let's see if you bleed in black and white.

Bianca Barclay: Oh, you must be the psychopath they let in.

Wednesday Addams: You must be the self-appointed Queen Bee. Interesting thing about bees. Pull out their stingers, they drop dead.

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