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Morticia Addams: Our psychic ability resides on the spectrum of who we are. Given my disposition, my visions tend to be positive. That makes me a Dove.

Wednesday Addams: And for someone like me? Who sees the world through a darker lens?

Morticia Addams: You're a Raven. Your visions are more potent, more powerful. But without the proper training, they can lead to madness.

Noble Walker: I resent your implication.

Morticia Addams: What I resent is that you could have prevented Garrett's death if you had done your job when I lodged my complaint about him stalking me. But no. Men like you have no idea what it feels like not to be believed.

(Wednesday is digging up a grave, Morticia is watching her...)

Morticia Addams: This reminds me of when you got your first grave-digging kit. You were so happy, you nearly smiled.

Wednesday Addams: Are you sure you don't want to join?

Morticia Addams: Uh... mm... No, that's okay, darling. I don't want to spoil your fun.

Wednesday Addams: I'll never live up to your legacy here, so why try? I win the Poe Cup, you claimed it four times. I join the fencing team, you captained it. Why would you send me somewhere I could only ever exist in your shadow?

Morticia Addams: It's not a competition, Wednesday.

Wednesday Addams: Everything is a competition, Mother.

Gomez Addams (about Wednesday): We need to tell her.

Morticia Addams: She'll never believe us. We must stay strong. And hope that something more morbid comes along to distract her.

(Weems suggests to the Addams going to therapy with Wednesday might help...)

Gomez Addams: What can it hurt? To be honest, I've always been a big fan of head-shrinking.

Morticia Addams: It's not that kind of head-shrinking, mon chéri.

Gomez Addams: Well, that is disappointing. But anything for our little girl.

Gomez Addams (to Wednesday): There she is. Oh, how we missed those accusing eyes and youthful sneer.

Morticia Addams: How are you, my little rain cloud?

Morticia Addams: I don't know what to say, Gomez. Seeing you in handcuffs, accused of murder... I've never loved you more.

Morticia Addams: You are a brilliant girl, Wednesday, but sometimes you get in your own way.

Larissa Weems: Wednesday is certainly a unique name. I'm guessing it was the day you were born?

Wednesday Addams: I was born on Friday the 13th.

Morticia Addams: Her name comes from a line from my favorite nursery rhyme, "Wednesday's child is full of woe."

Morticia Addams: That boy's family was going to file attempted murder charges. How would that have looked on your record?

Wednesday Addams: Terrible. Everyone would know I failed to get the job done.

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Morticia Addams Quotes - The Best Quotes by Morticia Addams from Wednesday series


Morticia Addams is the wife of Gomez Addams. Together they have two children Wednesday and Pugsley.

Morticia Addams is played by the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.


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