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(Enid's mother is trying to make her to go to a werewolf conversion camp...)

Enid Sinclair: I'm not going. Not this summer. Not ever. If I'm meant to wolf out, then I'm going to do it on my own timeline and not yours. I hope that one day, you'll finally accept me for who I am.

Enid's father: I'm proud of you, kiddo. You do you.

(Enid is explaining why is there a Yeti statue at the prom...)

Lucas Walker (about Yetis): Do any go here?

Enid Sinclair: Not anymore. They've been extinct since the 1950s. Our science teacher Ms. Thornhill chaired the dance committee this year. She wanted the Rave'N to feel relevant. So our theme is climate crisis meets extinction event. But in a fun way!

Enid Sinclair: So, um, I was thinking of sneaking behind the greenhouse tonight. Supposed to be a blue moon. Only happens once every 23 years or something crazy. Should get a killer view from there.

Ajax Petropolus: Cool. Hey, have fun. You know that's where a lot of kids go to hook up, right? I mean, it could get awkward.

Enid Sinclair: Ajax! I just spent all morning flirting and hinting and trying to act cute while brushing some roadkill just so you would ask me on a date.

Ajax Petropolus: Oh! Oh! That's what you were doing. I kind of wondered when you spent so long brushing that opossum's tail. Hey, so you want to meet up behind the greenhouse tonight?

Enid Sinclair: Yes. Yes, I do. (Ajax leaves) Yes! I can't believe he asked.

Enid Sinclair: Admit it, you kinda got into the whole school spirit thing.

Wednesday Addams: You didn't tell me it was a dark, vengeful spirit.

(Enid successfully sabotages the boat of their competition...)

Enid Sinclair: I just asked myself, "WWWD?" What Would Wednesday Do?

(Enid and Wednesday are dressed in cat costumes...)

Enid Sinclair: OMG, you look purr-fect! Only thing, where are your whiskers?

(Enid has whiskers drawn on with makeup, Wednesday doesn't...)

Wednesday Addams: Ask again, and you'll be down to eight lives.

Enid Sinclair (to Wednesday): Just as long as you're lakeside cheering us to victory on race day. Or you can just glare uncomfortably. Whatever works for you.

Enid Sinclair: Ms. Thornhill's just ordered pizza. Want to take a stab at being social?

Wednesday Addams: I do like stabbing. The social part, not so much.

Wednesday Addams: I witnessed his murder, Enid.

Enid Sinclair: It's just, we all saw him this morning. Very much, like, not dead.

Wednesday Addams: I know. Which leads me to believe I've been losing my mind. It's not nearly as fun as I had anticipated.

Enid Sinclair: This kitty is taking no prisoners. If Bianca Barclay wins again this year, I will literally scratch my own eyes out!

Wednesday Addams: I would pay money to see that.

Enid Sinclair: Let me give you a wiki on Nevermore's social scene.

Wednesday Addams: I'm not interested in participating in tribal adolescent clichés.

Enid Sinclair: Well, then use it to fill your obviously bottomless pit of disdain.

Enid Sinclair (to Wednesday): Are you feeling okay? You look a little pale.

Gomez Addams: Wednesday always looks half-dead.

Enid Sinclair: Oh. Welcome to Ophelia Hall. Not a hugger. Got it.

Morticia Addams: Please excuse Wednesday. She's allergic to color.

Enid Sinclair: Oh, wow. What happens to you?

Wednesday Addams: I break out into hives and then the flesh peels off my bones.

Enid Sinclair: Who doesn't have a spooky built-in altar in their family library?

Wednesday Addams: Ours is in the living room. More seating for a year long Día de los Muertos.

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