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(Everyone cheers when Five walks in...)

Diego Hargreeves: That speech last night! Wow!

Lila Pitts: Brought me to tears, you big softy.

Viktor Hargreeves: I especially liked when you referred to us as a family bound by destiny and love.

Number Five: Okay. Enough. It was the booze talking. In the light of day, you're all still deplorable.

Lila Pitts (about Diego): Klaus, don't even think about going over there and filling his empty head with bad ideas.

Lila Pitts (to Allison): Maybe you're feeling everything all at once, and it all just kind of cancels out.

Diego Hargreeves: Are you insane?!

Lila Pitts: Uh, we met in an asylum.

Lila Pitts (to Stan): Now you are gonna take all this back to where you got it. And next time you steal, I expect it to be something valuable. (to Diego): Honestly, we need to set higher expectations.

(Five and Lila find the founder of the Commission...)

Number Five: It's me.

Lila Pitts (laughing): No way. This whole time you've been complaining about the Commission, and you're the one who founded it. Classic.

Number Five: I'm glad my pain amuses you.

Lila Pitts: You have no idea. It's like my therapy.

Lila Pitts: What does that mean exactly? End of the world?

Number Five: Oh, it's much worse than that. It means you and I... are gonna have to work together.

Lila Pitts: Sh*t.

Character from The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy Quotes

The Umbrella Academy Quotes

The Best Quotes by Lila Pitts from The Umbrella Academy

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Lila Pitts is also one of the children with special powers, that were born on the same day same as the Hargreeves siblings. Lila Pitts is adopted daughter of The Handler.

Lila Pitts is played by the actress Ritu Arya.


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