Come and enjoy the best quotes from Teen Wolf’s episode ‘Required Reading‘.
Required Reading‘ is the sixth episode of season 5. (s05e06)
In case you don’t remember what was this episode about, here is synopsis:


Scott and his friends follow Dr. Valack’s advice; and experience strange effects as a result. (

Top 16 Quotes from Teen Wolf 5×06

  1. Teen Wolf 5x06 quote - We never should have read the book.
    Scott McCall:
    We never should have read that book.
  2. Teen Wolf 5x06 quote - Isn't everyone a little weird in high school?
    Theo Raeken:
    So, basically, we’re looking for abnormal behavior?
    Scott McCall: Anyone acting a little off or a little weird.
    Theo Raeken: Isn’t everyone a little weird in high school?
    Scott McCall: Yeah, good point.
  3. Lydia Martin: If they did something to me, I want to know what it is.
  4. Stiles Stilinski: How are we supposted to trigger a memory that we don’t remember?
  5. Mason Hewitt (to Kira): The book. It’s just one long language trick.
  6. Scott McCall: I think… I’m having an asthma attack.
  7. Teen Wolf 5x06 quote - Yearbook photos.
    Mason Hewitt:
    There was a… This fight in the hallways. Liam and this other guy. Hayden sort of accidentally walked into it. And this is her yearbook photo. (shows him photo of Hayden with her face bruised)
    Brett Talbot: What did she do to him? (Mason shows him another picture, this time of Liam’s bruised face)
  8. Liam Dunbar: Scott, come on. Scott! (Liam glows his eyes and uses the werewolf voice)
    Scott McCall: Thanks.
  9. Deputy Valerie Clark (to Hayden): Was that Liam Dunbar? He got cute.
  10. Teen Wolf 5x06 quote - I'm the messenger of death.
    Theo Raeken (to Scott):
    That’t what she (Kira) said at the club. I found a website that can translate it. It means… roughly… I’m the messenger of death.
  11. Scott McCall: And to be honest… I don’t know if I could trust her anymore.
  12. Lydia Martin: I still wanna see what I’m hearing.
    Stiles Stilinski: Makes sense.
  13. Teen Wolf 5x06 quote - It's also a Lydia thing.
    Melissa McCall:
    But you said this was more of a hearing thing.
    Stiles Stilinski: Auditory.
    Melissa McCall: Yeah.
    Stiles Stilinski: It’s also a Lydia thing.
  14. Liam Dunbar (to Hayden): I swear I’m not gonna do anything. All you have to do is close your eyes for 3 seconds. (he pulls out a UV light stick) Okay. Open them. (Hayden’s eyes start to glow)
  15. Claudia Stilinski (Stiles’ mother): You don’t see the way he looks at me.
    Sheriff Stilinski: Claudia, he’s 10 years old.
    Claudia Stilinski (Stiles’ mother): He’s trying to kill me.
  16. Teen Wolf 5x06 quote - Please don't say anything.
    Theo Raeken:
    Stiles.. You can’t say anything. Please don’t say anything. (about him killing a chimera)
    Stiles Stilinski: Why not?
    Theo Raeken: Because I never said anything about Donovan.

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