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(Hughie is playing with a big pig plushie, Butcher's dog Terror's toy)

Judy Atkinson: Just so you know, that's Terror's girlfriend.

Hughie Campbell: What?

Judy Atkinson: His f*ck pig.

Hughie Campbell: Uh, listen, I just got off the phone with Butcher and I think something might be wrong. Like really, really wrong.

Mother's Milk: What would make you think that?

Hughie Campbell: He was nice and... called me his canary?

Mother's Milk: Tell me everything he said.

(Homelander accidently kills someone and it gets caught on camera...)

Homelander: So, what, they're all starving but one of them's got a f*cking cell phone?

(Shapeshifter is pretending to be Madelyn to please Homelander...)

Doppelganger: The Seven is your team. You nurtured them, you watered and fed them.

Homelander: That's... I did.

Doppelganger: Yes, and if they can't respect that or you, well, it may be time to tear out the weeds and start all over again.

(Shapeshifter looses control and turns back into himself)

Homelander: Change back. Change back!

Doppelganger: I'm sorry! I can only hold a shape for so long before it really hurts.

Homelander: Change the f*ck back now, Doppelganger!

(Shapeshifter changes back to Madelyn)

Doppelganger: Yeah, it's okay. Come here. It's all good. Oh, my little boy. Come on. Okay. It's okay. I love you. I love you. You're the most powerful man in the whole wide world. And there's nothing that you cannot do.

Mother's Milk: Hughie's not gonna make it. And you need that kid, more than any one of us. He's your canary.

Billy Butcher: My canary?

Mother's Milk: You let your canary die, how you gonna know when you've gone too far?

Adam Bourke (the filmmaker): And... f*ck, I don't want to jinx this, but Lin-Manuel Miranda wants to do the voice.

Ashley Barrett: I love Hamilton!

Adam Bourke: The world loves Hamilton!

Stormfront: Who's the greatest superhero of all time?

Annie January: Hmm, Homelander?

Stormfront: No. Pippi Longstocking. (Annie is confused) Pippi Longstocking... She's a nine-year-old girl. Lived in a house all by herself. Pet monkey. Could lift a horse with one hand. You-you haven't read Pippi Longstocking?

Annie January: I guess not.

Stormfront: Hmm. Okay, well, uh, I used to dress as her every Halloween, and all the girls dressed like Disney sl*ts would make fun of me, and you know what I thought? I thought, "Who f*cking cares?" Pippi didn't care. She never cared about being polite. Or cute. Look. F*ck this world for confusing nice with good. Be a b*tch if you want. Be whatever. Just drop the mask once in a while. Feels good. You can finally breathe. Oh, and if someone sticks a d*ck in your mouth, bite it off. Pippi Longstocking would bite a "D." That's for damn sure.

Homelander: I never had a dad. Or a mom.

Ryan Butcher: Wait, you... you didn't?

Homelander: See, sometimes it's hard, Ryan, being... Superior to every single other person on the planet. It's-it's... isolating. And gods... should not have to feel that kind of... yeah, pain. Because that... is what we are, Ryan. You and me. We're gods. Son, we can do anything we want. And no one can stop us. Now, that.. That's a good feeling. A really good feeling. And now you... and me... can share it together.

Hughie Campbell: This guy could kill a lot of people.

Mother's Milk: Hughie... let somebody else handle it, okay?

Hughie Campbell: There's no one else! No one's coming to save us.

Mother's Milk: You don't get it. You are not a soldier. You're not a spy. You're just a kid that sells stereo equipment.

Hughie Campbell: No, I don't! I don't have a job. Or Robin. Or my dad. Or Annie. One way or another, they all, uh... Now all I have is this. This. Which is really f*cking depressing, but it's true. So, maybe I can't be Lee Marvin. But I can be Harry Potter. Or, uh... you know, John Connor or-or-or what's her name from The Hunger Games.

Frenchie: Katniss.

Hughie Campbell: Yeah, the point is I could be the person that nobody thinks is awesome, but it turns out they're kind of f*cking awesome.

Hughie Campbell: We used burner phones.

Mother's Milk: Kid, you don't get it! They could've been following you. They could be watching us right f*cking now! If you're the f*cking reason why I can't finish that Vermont country dollhouse, I will f*cking end you.

Gecko: So, what's your poison? You a leg guy?

Man: Uh, d... a-an arm, please, actually.

Gecko: 400?

(Gecko hands him machete...)

Man: Um, d-do you want me to, uh, s-saw or-or chop or...?

Gecko: Whatever floats your boat, tiger.

(The man chops off Gecko's hand, it regrows right after...)

Man: Holy sh*t. Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t! Thank you. That was so... I-I can keep the arm, right?

Gecko: Yeah, just keep it refrigerated. For an extra grand, I'll let you chop off my d*ck.

Man: Where's the closest ATM?

(Hughie is sneaking out to see Annie...)

Mother's Milk: The f*ck you going?

Hughie Campbell: Uh... no, I'm just getting you your Purell.

Mother's Milk: Get the sh*t with aloe. And come right back.

Hughie Campbell: Yeah. Yeah, the aloe. It's really good. Keeps your skin s-smooth. Okay.

Annie January (singing): We're defended by our heroes You stood among the best Protecting us from evil You rose above the rest And though we could see through you It seem we hardly knew we confess Thanks to what you've done we've all been blessed

Homelander: Wow, look at this handsome devil. Hey, pal. You know who I am?

Ryan Butcher: Homelander.

Homelander: Yeah, that's right, but... you know who else?

Ryan Butcher: No.

Billy Butcher: Becca?

Becca Butcher: What?

Homelander: Huh. Mommy didn't tell you. Well... I'm your father, and we are a family.