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(Frenchie is smoking...)

Mother's Milk: Jesus. I thought you quit.

Frenchie: The Lord hates quitters.

Hughie Campbell: Hey, why do you keep buying him, like, Hefty bags full of weed?

Billy Butcher: Better high than mental. Takes the edge off his PTSD.

Hughie Campbell: Wait, he has PTSD?

Billy Butcher: Yeah, I saw it at Herogasm. It's why he keeps blowing the f**k out of everything. We got to keep that c*nt dozy as a lamb.

Hughie Campbell: So, just to recap, uh, he's radioactive, highly traumatized and heavily self-medicated. Feels good, feels right.

Billy Butcher: Tell me about it. I mean, what sad bastard self-medicates like that, eh? (hands the temp V to Hughie)

Queen Maeve (to Homelander): This is still a top-three day in my life. Because today is the day I saw you scared.

Homelander: They've killed Crimson Countess and seven other heroes, Maeve, seven. The ones that-that survived are done, they're powerless. Soldier Boy fried the V right out of their blood somehow. Maeve, do you understand, that could happen to any one of us.

Queen Maeve: Yeah. That's the difference between you and me. You need to be a Supe. I can't wait till it's over.

Queen Maeve (to Homelander): Wait, is... is that concealer? Do you have a bruise?

The Legend: The thing is, to be American means knowing you're the hero. So what do we do? We sweep all our filthy sh*t under the rug and we tell ourselves a myth like Soldier Boy. And I get stinking rich selling it.

Hughie Campbell: What are you watching?

The Legend: Old mistakes. I actually produced this piece of sh*t. Between you and me, Soldier Boy did to singing what pantyhose did to finger-f**king.

Kimiko: I blamed the V for making me a monster but... that's not true. It is just who I am.

Frenchie: No. You are not a monster. It seems no matter how much we try to run, we cannot escape our old lives, huh? I suppose no one can run that fast.

Mother's Milk: "Grandpa, Grandpa. It's Soldier Boy. Come look." Soldier Boy takes the Benz, and he hurls it through our house, like a f**king freight train. It missed me by about six inches. And my grandpa... One minute he was there... and then he wasn't. And I woke him up. I put him in that spot.

Annie January: That is not your fault.

Mother's Milk: That's when this whole OCD sh*t started. I mean, I don't understand it. All I know is that if I didn't check the burners three times a night, Soldier Boy would come back and kill the rest of us. And I'm still that kid. Still getting up in the middle of the night, checking the burners. 'Cause if I don't, Soldier Boy's gonna come back, and he's gonna kill my family. I got to get this motherf*cker out of my head, and end this. Or it'll end me.

Victoria Neuman: I want to help you.

Annie January: Huh. Help. From the psycho who blew up Congress.

Victoria Neuman: Look, most of those guys passed around deepfakes of me on the House floor blowing bin Laden, so I'm not exactly overwhelmed with sympathy.

Tommy: We are just so pleased, you know, have a big star such as yourself grace our humble soiree.

The Deep: You guys having a party? (goes inside) Wait, is this...? This is Herogasm.

Blue Hawk: I-I go where the crime is, and the crime just happens to be i-in Black neighborhoods. That-That's not my fault.

A-Train: All right, all right. No, that's enough here. We're done here. Just say you're sorry, and we can get out of here.

Blue Hawk: You know what? Do your research. Like, Blacks commit a disproportionate number of murders.

Woman: How about all the Black men you murdered?

Blue Hawk: How about you tell me why were they so f**king aggressive?! I was acting in self-defense.

Woman: You got powers! They don't!

Man: Black lives matter!

Another man: F**k you, Blue Hawk!

Blue Hawk: All lives matter. All lives matter.

Man: Black lives matter, motherf**ker!

Blue Hawk: Supe lives matter. Supe lives matter!

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