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(Big tentacle shows up through the door and starts choking Mother's Milk...)

Mother's Milk: Get it off me! Get this thing off of me!

(Kimiko knocks out the guy with the "tentacle", which frees Mother's Milk...)

Mother's Milk: Was that...?

Frenchie: It's okay.

Mother's Milk: That's his f*cking d*ck.

Frenchie: Don't be so closed-minded.

Hughie Campbell: Uh, listen, I just got off the phone with Butcher and I think something might be wrong. Like really, really wrong.

Mother's Milk: What would make you think that?

Hughie Campbell: He was nice and... called me his canary?

Mother's Milk: Tell me everything he said.

Mother's Milk: Hughie's not gonna make it. And you need that kid, more than any one of us. He's your canary.

Billy Butcher: My canary?

Mother's Milk: You let your canary die, how you gonna know when you've gone too far?

Hughie Campbell: This guy could kill a lot of people.

Mother's Milk: Hughie... let somebody else handle it, okay?

Hughie Campbell: There's no one else! No one's coming to save us.

Mother's Milk: You don't get it. You are not a soldier. You're not a spy. You're just a kid that sells stereo equipment.

Hughie Campbell: No, I don't! I don't have a job. Or Robin. Or my dad. Or Annie. One way or another, they all, uh... Now all I have is this. This. Which is really f*cking depressing, but it's true. So, maybe I can't be Lee Marvin. But I can be Harry Potter. Or, uh... you know, John Connor or-or-or what's her name from The Hunger Games.

Frenchie: Katniss.

Hughie Campbell: Yeah, the point is I could be the person that nobody thinks is awesome, but it turns out they're kind of f*cking awesome.

Hughie Campbell: We used burner phones.

Mother's Milk: Kid, you don't get it! They could've been following you. They could be watching us right f*cking now! If you're the f*cking reason why I can't finish that Vermont country dollhouse, I will f*cking end you.

(Hughie is sneaking out to see Annie...)

Mother's Milk: The f*ck you going?

Hughie Campbell: Uh... no, I'm just getting you your Purell.

Mother's Milk: Get the sh*t with aloe. And come right back.

Hughie Campbell: Yeah. Yeah, the aloe. It's really good. Keeps your skin s-smooth. Okay.

Mother's Milk: So, you want to pay me the professional courtesy and tell me where the hell you disappeared to before?

Billy Butcher: I just had to pop down to the shop. I was running a bit low on mind your own f*cking business.

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