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Isabel Salazar (to Victor): I used my motherly instincts to track you down. Your brother showed me how to do "find my iPhone."

Adrian Salazar: Is Victor going to Hell?

Isabel Salazar: What? Who told you that?

Adrian Salazar: Father Lawrence. I told him about Victor's boyfriend, and he said it was a sin.

Isabel Salazar: Adrian, look at me, okay? Victor's not going to Hell. Your brother is one of the most generous and loving people I know.

Adrian Salazar: But Father Lawrence...

Isabel Salazar: Father Lawrence... is wrong.

Adrian Salazar: But he said it's in the Bible.

Isabel Salazar: Well, the... the Bible can be interpreted in many different ways. But in this family, we believe that Jesus knows who has love in their hearts. And he would never punish people for that.

(The morning after Benji said he's Victor's boyfriend and everyone freaked out...)

Armando Salazar: Well, we all wanted to talk to you about last night.

Isabel Salazar: Yeah. Do you know what it means to be... gay?

Adrian Salazar: Yeah, of course. Like Elliot Felter's two moms.

Armando Salazar: Yes! Exactly.

Adrian Salazar: And Spongebob. Spongebob is gay.

Isabel Salazar: No. He's a sponge.

Adrian Salazar: Oh, Mom.

(Victor's Grandpa saw Benji and Derek kissing...)

Armando Salazar: Tito just saw your two friends, the, uh, guys in the band, kissing.

Victor Salazar: Uh... That's because they're... together.

Victor's Grandpa: You need to tell them not to do that here. What if your little brother sees them?

Armando Salazar: Victor, just... please. It's a family party.

Victor Salazar: No! I'm sorry, Papi. I really wanted today to go smoothly, but those are my friends. I'm not gonna tell them not to be who they are if that bothers you. That's your problem. Not theirs, and not mine.

Victor's Grandma:This is how you teach your son to speak to his abuelo?

Isabel Salazar: Yeah. It is. I raised him to be true to himself, and to stand up for the people that he cares about.

Isabel Salazar (to Pilar): Honey, even though the sign says Victor is number one, I'm just talking about the basketball game. I love all my kids exactly the same.

Adrian Salazar: But if you had to rank us, I'd be on top, right?

Isabel Salazar (whispers): Definitely. Shh.

Felix Weston: Ms. S., do you make a poster for every one of Victor's games?

Isabel Salazar: Uh‐huh.

Felix Weston: "Salazar" is a "Salastar." Wow. You are a pun wizard, and I'm under your spell.

Isabel Salazar: Thank you, Felix. At least someone appreciates my hardcore fandom.

Victor Salazar: Yeah, hardcore is right. Back in Texas during regional semis, she got ejected from the game for excessive dancing.

Isabel Salazar: Since when is dancing not allowed? We don't live in a Footloose world.

Pilar Salazar: Not everyone enjoys watching you twerk like a geriatric Cardi B.

Isabel Salazar: Adrian told me I have to step up my bedtimes stories, because they're getting a little... basic.

Armando Salazar: Oh, well, uh, I got a scary story for him. It's about a man, about a vasectomy that didn't take. And him and his wife have a third kid they never planned for.

Victor Salazar (about Pilar): It was just a rough first day. She takes a while to get adjusted to new things. Like, like, you remember when Adrian was born? She would call him "the creature." And then three weeks later, he was "her creature." She wouldn't put him down.

Isabel Salazar: You're right. You're right. She just, she needs some time. Thank you.

(The Salazars trying to decide where to put the cross on the wall...)

Isabel Salazar: If I were Jesus, where would I want to be to watch over this family?

Pilar Salazar: Probably not nailed to a cross.

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