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Felix Weston: I know you're trying to distract me, and I am immune to your feminine wiles.

Lake Meriwether: Even if I ask you to ravage me, like the Black Death ravaged Europe in 1348?

Felix Weston: Dammit. You know I can't resist historically accurate dirty talk.

Lake Meriwether (to Victor about Benji): You are literally dating the most gorgeous guy at Creekwood.

Felix Weston: Well, I mean, you know... beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so...

Lake Meriwether: Yeah. Behold Benji, b*tch.

Felix Weston: I have feelings...

Lake Meriwether (to Mia): So, um, there's a rumor going around about you and Victor. It's not actually that bad. That's a lie. It's horrible. Maybe we should just transfer schools?

(Victor and Benji are hugging...)

Lake Meriwether: Hey, break it up, Romeo and Romeo.

Lake Meriwether: Well, I-I'm actually at Victor's.

Mia Brooks: Oh. Cool.

Lake Meriwether: Is that okay? Because if it's not, I will leave right now. Queens before peens. I mean, you say the word and I will ditch these gays like a corporation after Pride month.

Lake Meriwether: Can we do it on Saturday? Mia comes home on Sunday, and I love you guys, but Mia's my best friend and if she's still mad at you, so am I. Hos before homos.

Lake Meriwether: Um, hi. I'm Lake, accepting on behalf of Mia, who has disappeared. Um... And I'd like to invite Felix Westen to accept on behalf of Victor. Because, um... Because he told me he just wants me to be happy. And the truth is... That little nerd makes me happy. Talking to him makes me happy. Kissing him makes me happy. And making him happy makes me happy. So, Felix, please join for me for the king and queen's dance. In front of everyone. Watching us. And maybe someone will go live and it will go viral, and follow me through college and my first year at a PR firm. But it'll be worth it.

(Lake and Felix are kissing...)

Lake Meriwether: How'd you get so good at this?

Felix Weston: YouTube.

Lake Meriwether: Oh. No. No hickeys. No one can know about this. This has to stay our little secret.

Felix Weston: Well, three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

Lake Meriwether: What?

Felix Weston: Sorry. Benjamin Franklin quote. I, I won't tell anyone.

Lake Meriwether: Yeah. No more talking.

Lake Meriwether: Tell me the truth. Mm. What's my number?

Felix Weston: N‐No. No way. I, I can't do that. I...

Lake Meriwether: Okay, stop with the chivalry and just give me a number, and do not tell me I'm a 10, because I totally won't believe you.

Felix Weston: I...I think you deserve a guy who who doesn't reduce you to a number.

(Felix is explaining the rules of the game Catan...)

Lake Meriwether (to Mia): Okay, this is the most bored I have ever been. And I'm including that time you tricked me into listening to a podcast.

Felix Weston: Who's ready to start playing?

Lake Meriwether: Wait, we haven't started? What have we been doing for the last 45 minutes?

Felix Weston: A tutorial.

Lake Meriwether: Okay, relax. You look amazing. And if Victor doesn't hook up with you, I will.

Mia Brooks: Yeah, I really wish you'd stop offering that.

Mia Brooks: Wait, why are you wearing red? You're single.

Lake Meriwether: Because. There's nothing hotter than being unavailable, so, when Andrew sees me wearing this, he'll think I'm dating someone, and want to get with me.

Mia Brooks: But you're not dating anyone.

Lake Meriwether: Sure, I am. His name is Bruno. He's a freshman at Georgia Tech. Here. Look how hot we look together, hmm? (shows her their photo)

Mia Brooks: That is one‐hundred percent your cousin Robert. Wait. Lake, that picture's from your nana's funeral!

Lake Meriwether: Whatever. Nana would have wanted me to find love with Andrew.

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Love, Victor Quotes

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