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Victor Salazar: Mia, I'm... I'm sorry. For everything.

Mia Brooks: Did you know you were gay the whole time we dated?

Victor Salazar: Kind of. But, like... I also didn't. Um, I just loved being around you, and, and I thought that if there was any girl in the whole world that I could be happy with...

Mia Brooks: You know what really sucks? I feel like I'm not allowed to be mad at you. Because, I mean, coming out is, is the most important thing you've ever done, and... I am glad you did it. Because I want you to be happy. Because I love you. But, um, I just wish that you doing the most important thing you've ever done didn't make me feel like sh*t. I wish I didn't lose my best friend.

Victor Salazar: You didn't lose me. I'm right here, and I miss you so much. And I love you, too.

Mia Brooks: This is not how I used to imagine our first "I love you"s.

Victor Salazar: You are so amazing. You know that?

Mia Brooks: Okay...

Victor Salazar: No, no. I'm, I'm serious. Like... Even after everything, you still... You still want me to be me.

Mia Brooks: Of course I do. What kind of person wouldn't?

Lake Meriwether: Okay, relax. You look amazing. And if Victor doesn't hook up with you, I will.

Mia Brooks: Yeah, I really wish you'd stop offering that.

Mia Brooks (to Pilar): It's pretty terrible, isn't it? When you realize your parents don't actually have it all together. That they're actually just pretending they know what they're doing for our sake. Well, the good ones bother pretending.

Victor Salazar (about Mia's mom): Why do you tell people that she was an addict?

Mia Brooks: Uh. Because, um. I don't, I don't want to admit that I wasn't enough to make her stay. Lying doesn't hurt as much.

Mia Brooks (to Victor): Sometimes it's easier to just plaster on a smile, and let people see what they want, you know?

Mia Brooks: Wait, why are you wearing red? You're single.

Lake Meriwether: Because. There's nothing hotter than being unavailable, so, when Andrew sees me wearing this, he'll think I'm dating someone, and want to get with me.

Mia Brooks: But you're not dating anyone.

Lake Meriwether: Sure, I am. His name is Bruno. He's a freshman at Georgia Tech. Here. Look how hot we look together, hmm? (shows her their photo)

Mia Brooks: That is one‐hundred percent your cousin Robert. Wait. Lake, that picture's from your nana's funeral!

Lake Meriwether: Whatever. Nana would have wanted me to find love with Andrew.

Andrew: I would have thought you'd be too busy taking random charity cases on carnival rides.

Mia Brooks: Bye, Andrew.

Andrew: Oh, you know what? There's a freshman with scoliosis. You could take him on the spinning tea cups.

Mia Brooks (to Lake): I can't believe you like him. He's such a jerk.

Lake Meriwether: I know. He's so mean.

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