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Lucy MacLean: I don't have the best luck when it comes to strangers. But... Titus... I can honestly say you are the best stranger that I've ever met. You're a good person, Titus. And if you wanted to, when all of this is over, you could come and live with us in Vault 33. With me.

Maximus: There's something I should tell you.

Lucy MacLean: Just say yes.

Maximus: My name isn't Titus. It's Maximus. Titus is the name of the knight who owned this suit before me. He was threatening me, so instead of helping him I watched him die. And I took his armor and I lied to you. So, all that stuff you were saying, you know, about, um, about me being a good person...

Lucy MacLean: I just threw acid in an innocent man's face. And I've only been up here two weeks. The wasteland sucks.

Maximus: Yeah. Sometimes.

Lucy MacLean: Do you want to come live with me in my vault?

Maximus: Yeah. Yeah, of course.

Lucy MacLean: Let's go find that head.

(Lucy and Maximus looking around Vault 4...)

Maximus: This is a cult. Same as any.

Lucy MacLean: It's not a cult.

Maximus: Everyone's smiling.

Lucy MacLean: You want to have sex?

Maximus: You mean use my c*ck?

Lucy MacLean: Yeah.

Maximus: I don't know. Uh, that weird thing could happen.

Lucy MacLean: What weird thing?

Maximus: Well, it's just, for some guys... not me... uh, but for some guys, you know, when they make it move, it gets all big and hard like a big pimple and then it pops. And they say it can happen to anybody, but it's still, it's... it's gross.

Lucy MacLean: You know, that's... uh, that's actually completely normal. It happens all the time. Every time, ideally.

Maximus: Where are we?

Lucy MacLean: It's okay. We'll be all right.

Maximus: What is this place?

Lucy MacLean: We're in the best place in the world. We're in a vault.

(Lucy is looking at Shady Sand's billboard...)

Lucy MacLean: This isn't... real, right?

Maximus: You never heard of the New California Republic?

Lucy MacLean: 34,000 people lived here after the war?

Maximus: Yeah.

Lucy MacLean: What about Reclamation Day? Th-The entire purpose of my vault was... to come up to the surface one day and... and restart civilization. It's-it's Reclamation Day, it's what keeps us all going and... It... It already h-happened without us.

Maximus: Well, if it makes you feel any better, it didn't work out.

Maximus: Fiends. Should've known.

Lucy MacLean: What's a fiend?

Maximus: It's people who eat people.

Lucy MacLean: I hate it up here.

Lucy MacLean (to Maximus): Look, I... I come from a place where the world is what you make of it. Okay? It's not like up here. We're naive down there. Up until I was six, I really thought that the big light on our farm was the sun. My mom used to take me to play out under that light, and I swear I could feel the sun baking my skin. After my mom was gone, I realized it was just her that made it all feel so real. So, like, Earth is round, Earth is flat. Where are you guys on that these days?

Lucy MacLean: I get that trust doesn't come easily up here. But you can trust me. I'm from a place where the worst someone can do to you is forget to say thank you.

Maximus: Sounds like a nice way to live.

Lucy MacLean: It is.

Lucy MacLean (to The Ghoul): You don't get these, you turn into one of those? (shows him the ampules) That how it works? I may end up looking like you... but I'll never be like you. Golden Rule, motherf**ker. (gives him the ampules)

(The Ghoul ties up Lucy and throws her into a lake...)

Lucy MacLean: Stop. Stop! Torture is wrong.

The Ghoul: You know, they used to do these things called "studies." Why, you couldn't open a newspaper without reading about one study or another. Anyway, this one particular study came out, and it said that torturing a person don't do sh*t. It made sense. I mean, a man hurts me, I wouldn't want to do him any favors. And yet the practice of torture failed to vanish from this earth. In fact, as time marched on, I've personally noticed a decided uptick... in the amount of torture being doled out across the board.

Lucy MacLean: Sir, please, I need the head. It's the only way I can get my father back.

The Ghoul: My point is... if you ask me, them studies, they was right. Torturing a person don't do sh*t.

Lucy MacLean: Then why... why are you doing this?

The Ghoul: Well, I ain't torturing you, sweetheart. I'm using you as bait.

Dr. Wilzig: I'm not going to make it.

Lucy MacLean: Listen, I don't know who you are or how you know the things that you do, but you are going to get across that wasteland. And we're gonna do it together. Okay? That's a promise.

Dr. Wilzig: No, you see, I've just taken a cyanide pill.

Lucy MacLean: What?

Dr. Wilzig: Vault-Tec Plan D. It was the most humane product that Vault-Tec ever made. It was quick, painless. T-Tasted like banana. I... I was surprised it wasn't more popular.

Lucy MacLean (to The Ghoul): I'm going to have to ask you to leave him alone. Now, I acknowledge that I'm unfamiliar with your circumstances. But, at first glance, your treatment of this man appears unfair, and I'm obliged to intervene.

The Ghoul: Huh.

Lucy MacLean: Now, if your instinct is to harm me, as a person simply trying to deescalate a conflict, then I'll have to assume, of the two of you, you are likely the primary aggressor. In which case, I think everyone in this town would agree that force is justified. Unless you willingly stand down now.

Ma June: F**king vault dwellers. Geez.

Lucy MacLean: Well, I know that it can't have been easy for you up here, what with all the murder and-and the dirt. But the mission of the vaults should be important to everyone.

Ma June: And why is that?

Lucy MacLean: Well, uh... Well, you see, the idea is, um... that... we're going to... save America.

Ma June: Ah! And when exactly were you planning on saving America? The vaults were nothing more than a hole in the ground for rich folks to hide in while the rest of the world burned.

Lucy MacLean: We vault dwellers recognize, uh, and are grateful for the privileged position we were born into, and...

Ma June: You know what folks up here say about the vaults?

Lucy MacLean: What?

Ma June: F**k the vaults.

(Lucy leaves the vault...)

Lucy MacLean: Okey dokey.

Lucy MacLean is a character from Fallout

Fallout Quotes

Fallout Quotes


Lucy MacLean is one of the main characters in Fallout. She grew up in the Vault 33 together with her brother Norm and father Hank, who was the overseer. After her father is kidnapped she goes outside the vault for the first time in her life to look for him. Along the way she meets many people, among them The Ghoul and Maximus.


Lucy MacLean is played by the actress Ella Purnell.

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