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Quintus: You think you're the first squire who coveted his Knight's armor? How did Titus die?

Maximus: He died running.

Quintus: The Brotherhood has lost its way. We once ruled the Wasteland... And yet power is taken, not given. A lesson you seem to have learned.

Lucy MacLean: I don't have the best luck when it comes to strangers. But... Titus... I can honestly say you are the best stranger that I've ever met. You're a good person, Titus. And if you wanted to, when all of this is over, you could come and live with us in Vault 33. With me.

Maximus: There's something I should tell you.

Lucy MacLean: Just say yes.

Maximus: My name isn't Titus. It's Maximus. Titus is the name of the knight who owned this suit before me. He was threatening me, so instead of helping him I watched him die. And I took his armor and I lied to you. So, all that stuff you were saying, you know, about, um, about me being a good person...

Lucy MacLean: I just threw acid in an innocent man's face. And I've only been up here two weeks. The wasteland sucks.

Maximus: Yeah. Sometimes.

Lucy MacLean: Do you want to come live with me in my vault?

Maximus: Yeah. Yeah, of course.

Lucy MacLean: Let's go find that head.

(Lucy and Maximus looking around Vault 4...)

Maximus: This is a cult. Same as any.

Lucy MacLean: It's not a cult.

Maximus: Everyone's smiling.

Lucy MacLean: You want to have sex?

Maximus: You mean use my c*ck?

Lucy MacLean: Yeah.

Maximus: I don't know. Uh, that weird thing could happen.

Lucy MacLean: What weird thing?

Maximus: Well, it's just, for some guys... not me... uh, but for some guys, you know, when they make it move, it gets all big and hard like a big pimple and then it pops. And they say it can happen to anybody, but it's still, it's... it's gross.

Lucy MacLean: You know, that's... uh, that's actually completely normal. It happens all the time. Every time, ideally.

Maximus: Where are we?

Lucy MacLean: It's okay. We'll be all right.

Maximus: What is this place?

Lucy MacLean: We're in the best place in the world. We're in a vault.

(Lucy is looking at Shady Sand's billboard...)

Lucy MacLean: This isn't... real, right?

Maximus: You never heard of the New California Republic?

Lucy MacLean: 34,000 people lived here after the war?

Maximus: Yeah.

Lucy MacLean: What about Reclamation Day? Th-The entire purpose of my vault was... to come up to the surface one day and... and restart civilization. It's-it's Reclamation Day, it's what keeps us all going and... It... It already h-happened without us.

Maximus: Well, if it makes you feel any better, it didn't work out.

Maximus: Fiends. Should've known.

Lucy MacLean: What's a fiend?

Maximus: It's people who eat people.

Lucy MacLean: I hate it up here.

Lucy MacLean: I get that trust doesn't come easily up here. But you can trust me. I'm from a place where the worst someone can do to you is forget to say thank you.

Maximus: Sounds like a nice way to live.

Lucy MacLean: It is.

(Maximus posing as Knight Titus asks Thaddeus about what he thinks about Maximus...)

Thaddeus: Uh, to be honest, me and the other guys used to be pretty hard on him. Like, regularly beat the sh*t out of him. It wasn't personal, you know. It's just... well, you know, people at the base, they used to beat the sh*t out of me all the time. This shipment of new recruits came in, and, uh, one of them was Maximus. So I had this funny idea, what if we beat the sh*t out of that guy instead? And it worked. Yeah, I was really popular. It was great. I just wish he'd lived long enough to find someone else to beat up, you know? Only seems fair. I realize that, uh, people die all the time. It's the law of the Wasteland, so who cares, right? But still, uh, I feel bad.

Maximus: Don't feel bad. It's like you said, it's the law of the Wasteland.

Maximus: It is a knight's duty to better this fallen world. You don't deserve that armor.

Knight Titus: Oh, you think you do? You f**k. They'll kill you for this. You...

Maximus: Not if I bring back the target.

(Quintus asks Maximus if he's the one who hurt Dane...)

Quintus: Your friend was promoted, you were not. You have ambitions, don't you?

Maximus: I didn't. I didn't do it. I did not. I... I wanted it to happen. Is that wrong?

Quintus: Yes. (chuckles) Yes. Violence... is merely a tool. We use it to bring order to the Wasteland, but violence against a Brother of Steel is a sign of weakness.

Quintus: We have given you a name. Food. Education. A place in the world. So we expect you to give us the truth. Why did you join the Brotherhood?

Maximus: To hurt the people who hurt me.

Maximus is a character from Fallout

Fallout Quotes

Fallout Quotes


Maximus is one of the main characters in Fallout. He was rescued as a child by the Brotherhood of Steel and was since their member. He is a rookie soldier, yet to be sent out on a mission. He gets his opportunity to go out when he becomes a squire to knight Titus. The mission causes him to cross paths with Lucy and The Ghoul.


Maximus is played by the actor Aaron Moten.

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