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Hunter: She's been lying to us, Omega. She's a war criminal.

Asajj Ventress: Times have changed. Something you clones should be familiar with.

Hunter: We are not the same.

Asajj Ventress: No? We were pawns in the same war. And we all lost. The Empire is more dangerous than you could possibly fathom. I'm many things, but I am not your enemy.

Wrecker: I guess you'll work for anybody as long as you get paid.

Fennec Shand: Good guys, bad guys. Their money is all the same.

Hunter: Well, money's not everything.

Fennec Shand: That's 'cause you don't have any.

Crosshair: I thought I knew what I was getting into with the Empire. I thought I was being a good soldier.

Hunter: Nobody really understood what was happening back then.

Crosshair: I've done things. I've made mistakes.

Hunter: I have regrets too, Crosshair. All we can do is keep trying to be better. And who knows? There just might be hope for us yet.

Wrecker: Now, there's a sight!

Omega: Wrecker!

Wrecker: Ha! I wasn't even sure your message was real. (They hug each other)

Omega: Wrecker. I knew you'd show up.

Wrecker: We crossed the galaxy four times looking for you.

Hunter: Five. But you're the one who found us. (Omega runs to hug Hunter) We missed you, kid. We never stopped searching.

Deke (about Omega): How long has she been gone?

Hunter: Too long. But we're not giving up.

Deke: I wish the other clones felt that way about us. You may be defective CTs, but at least you're loyal.

Omega: Why did Tech do that? He didn't let us save him.

Hunter: He knew we were out of time. Tech put the squad ahead of himself. He made a sacrifice, Omega, and we're not gonna waste it.

Omega: What does that mean?

Hunter: The galaxy has changed, and so have we. It's time to put being soldiers behind us for good.

Yanna: When a young one leaves, the trees weep. But when they return, the trees sing. As this child has found his new home, perhaps, one day, we all will find a new path.

Hunter: Hopefully... one far away from war.

Hunter (about Omega and Gungi): They're both just kids. But they don't get to be. Not in this galaxy.

Hunter: Why is Omega hanging off the ship?

Tech: It is an unscheduled study break.

Wrecker: You coming with us?

Crosshair: None of this changes anything.

Hunter: You offered us a chance, Crosshair. This is yours.

Crosshair: I made my decision.

Hunter: We want different things, Crosshair. That doesn't mean that we have to be enemies.

Crosshair: The Empire will control the entire galaxy, and I am going to be a part of it. Hunter, you made the wrong choice.

Hunter: Don't fool yourself. All you'll ever be to them is a number.

Crosshair: All those missions together and you threw it away.

Hunter: We made a choice, and so did you.

Crosshair: Soldiers follow orders.

Hunter: Blind allegiance makes you a pawn. A real leader protects his squad.

Crosshair: Look where that's gotten you. They're all going to die here because of your failed leadership.

Hunter: Crosshair, forget the Empire. This isn't you. It's your inhibitor chip. We can help you.

Crosshair: Wrong. I had my chip removed a long time ago.

Hunter: Since when?

Crosshair: Does it matter?

Hunter: Yes.

Crosshair: This is who I am.

Crosshair (to Bad Batch): It's time to stop running. Join the Empire, and you will have purpose again.

Hunter: You really don't get who we are, do you?

Crosshair: Don't make the same mistake twice. Don't become my enemy.

Hunter: Crosshair, we never were.

Hunter is a character from Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Quotes

You can find Hunter in the series The Bad Batch and The Clone Wars.


Hunter is a leader of a group of defective clones called The Bad Batch. He first served the Galactic Republic, but after its fall, he is on the run from the Empire. He escaped with other members of his group and with them another clone Omega.


Hunter is voiced by the actor Dee Bradley Baker.

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Top 5 Most Iconic Quotes by Hunter from The Bad Batch

The pick of the top 5 famous one-liners ever said by Hunter:

  1. “I’m angry at myself. We don’t leave our own behind.” (about Crosshair, Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Ep. 1×01)
  2. “Things were clearer when we were just soldiers.” (Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Ep. 1×06)
  3. “Blind allegiance makes you a pawn. A real leader protects his squad.” (to Crosshair, Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Ep. 1×16)
  4. “Don’t fool yourself. All you’ll ever be to them is a number.” (to Crosshair about the Empire, Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Ep. 1×16)
  5. “We want different things, Crosshair. That doesn’t mean that we have to be enemies.” (to Crosshair, Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Ep. 1×16)


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