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Crosshair: I'm not them.

Omega: I'm not giving up, Crosshair. I won't let you either.

Crosshair: Omega. Don't risk anything for me. I belong in here.

Omega: None of us belong in here.

Crosshair: What is your primary objective?

Omega: Escape.

Crosshair: Then stop wasting time on lost causes. Forget the hound, forget me, and complete the mission.

Omega: Not without you.

Crosshair: If I get the chance to escape, I wouldn't think twice about leaving you behind.

Omega: Maybe I can convince Emerie to help. She's one of us.

Crosshair: Not every clone is your ally. You trust too easily.

Omega: Maybe you don't trust enough.

Mayday: Not sure what bothers me more. That he's wearing armor stolen off my men, or that his cohorts just left him here.

Crosshair: No point in carrying deadweight.

Mayday: Remind me not to die on your watch.

Commander Cody: This new Empire... Are we making the galaxy better?

Crosshair: We're soldiers. We do what needs to be done.

Commander Cody: Well, you know what makes us different from battle droids? We make our own decisions. Our own choices. And we have to live with them too.

Wrecker: You coming with us?

Crosshair: None of this changes anything.

Hunter: You offered us a chance, Crosshair. This is yours.

Crosshair: I made my decision.

Hunter: We want different things, Crosshair. That doesn't mean that we have to be enemies.

Crosshair: The Empire will control the entire galaxy, and I am going to be a part of it. Hunter, you made the wrong choice.

Hunter: Don't fool yourself. All you'll ever be to them is a number.

Wrecker: All that time, you didn't even try to come back. We still would have taken ya.

Tech: Let it go, Wrecker. Crosshair has always been severe and unyielding. It is his nature. You cannot change that. He cannot change that.

Crosshair: Why are you defending me?

Tech: I am not. Understanding you does not mean that I agree with you.

Crosshair: All those missions together and you threw it away.

Hunter: We made a choice, and so did you.

Crosshair: Soldiers follow orders.

Hunter: Blind allegiance makes you a pawn. A real leader protects his squad.

Crosshair: Look where that's gotten you. They're all going to die here because of your failed leadership.

Hunter: Crosshair, forget the Empire. This isn't you. It's your inhibitor chip. We can help you.

Crosshair: Wrong. I had my chip removed a long time ago.

Hunter: Since when?

Crosshair: Does it matter?

Hunter: Yes.

Crosshair: This is who I am.

Crosshair (to Bad Batch): It's time to stop running. Join the Empire, and you will have purpose again.

Hunter: You really don't get who we are, do you?

Crosshair: Don't make the same mistake twice. Don't become my enemy.

Hunter: Crosshair, we never were.

Hunter: This facility's being decommissioned. You don't seem too concerned.

Crosshair: Why would I be?

Hunter: Because the Empire will be phasing out clones next.

Crosshair: Not the ones that matter.

Wrecker: I'll say this for the Empire, they know firepower. You should see the new armory.

Crosshair: He actually cried.

Wrecker: Hey, we both did.

(Caleb escapes...)

Crosshair: Where's the Jedi?

Hunter: I stunned him when he jumped. He didn't make it.

Crosshair is a character from Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Quotes

You can find Crosshair in the series The Bad Batch and The Clone Wars.


Crosshair is a member of a group of defective clones called The Bad Batch. He first served the Galactic Republic, but after the Order 66 went in effect he was the only one of his group that was affected by it and followed the order. That has forced the group to leave him behind.


Crosshair is voiced by the actor Dee Bradley Baker.

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