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(The Zillo Beast escapes...)

Crosshair: Echo's handiwork or Omega's?

Hunter and Wrecker (at the same time): Omega.

Hunter: If she's giving us a way in, let's not waste it.

Crosshair: I've been inside that mountain. I know what we're up against. If we all go in, we're not all making it out. Omega needs you both. So, I'm doing this alone. It's... It's what I deserve.

Hunter: Don't even think about Plan 99, Crosshair. Omega needs all of us, and so do those clones.

Wrecker: We've always known the risks. And so did Tech. We do this together.

Wrecker: We've handled worse situations than this. Countless...

Crosshair: Wake up, Wrecker. Clone Force 99 died with Tech. We're not that squad anymore.

Edmon Rampart: You used to believe good soldiers followed orders.

Crosshair: Depends on who's giving them. The Empire betrayed us both.

Edmon Rampart: And you think you can fight them? That's not you. You're like me. Loyal to no one but yourself.

Crosshair: I've changed.

Edmon Rampart (to himself): Sure you have.

Omega: I have an idea. But you're gonna have to trust me.

Crosshair: I'm not gonna like it, am I?

Omega: You don't like anything.

Crosshair: True.

Crosshair (to Howzer): Loyalty meant something to me. But with the Empire, it didn't go both ways. I realized how disposable I was.

Crosshair: You good?

Omega: Uh-huh.

Crosshair: Got your crossbow?

Omega: Yep.

Crosshair: Sure you can carry those supplies?

Omega: Yes.

Crosshair: Stay close. It's easy to get lost in this terrain.

Omega: You're as bad as Hunter.

Crosshair: Oh, I'm much worse.

Crosshair: I thought I knew what I was getting into with the Empire. I thought I was being a good soldier.

Hunter: Nobody really understood what was happening back then.

Crosshair: I've done things. I've made mistakes.

Hunter: I have regrets too, Crosshair. All we can do is keep trying to be better. And who knows? There just might be hope for us yet.

Crosshair (to Hunter): Don't pretend like this is all about me. I tried to warn you, Hunter. I risked everything to send you that message. You ignored it. You let Omega be taken to Tantiss. She went through what she did because you failed. You're angry because she escaped with my help, not yours.

(Hunter doesn't want Omega to go out on a mission with them...)

Crosshair (about Hunter): Don't hold it against him. He's only worried about you.

Omega: I know. You think I should stay behind too?

Crosshair: You're capable, but you are still a kid.

Omega: I'm older than you are, little brother.

Crosshair: Fine. We'll do this your way. But my skills are being wasted.

Omega: Noted.

Crosshair: I'm not them.

Omega: I'm not giving up, Crosshair. I won't let you either.

Crosshair: Omega. Don't risk anything for me. I belong in here.

Omega: None of us belong in here.

Crosshair: What is your primary objective?

Omega: Escape.

Crosshair: Then stop wasting time on lost causes. Forget the hound, forget me, and complete the mission.

Omega: Not without you.

Crosshair: If I get the chance to escape, I wouldn't think twice about leaving you behind.

Omega: Maybe I can convince Emerie to help. She's one of us.

Crosshair: Not every clone is your ally. You trust too easily.

Omega: Maybe you don't trust enough.

Mayday: Not sure what bothers me more. That he's wearing armor stolen off my men, or that his cohorts just left him here.

Crosshair: No point in carrying deadweight.

Mayday: Remind me not to die on your watch.

Crosshair is a character from Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Quotes

You can find Crosshair in the series The Bad Batch and The Clone Wars.


Crosshair is a member of a group of defective clones called The Bad Batch. He first served the Galactic Republic, but after the Order 66 went in effect he was the only one of his group that was affected by it and followed the order. That has forced the group to leave him behind.


Crosshair is voiced by the actor Dee Bradley Baker.

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