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Hunter: This facility's being decommissioned. You don't seem too concerned.

Crosshair: Why would I be?

Hunter: Because the Empire will be phasing out clones next.

Crosshair: Not the ones that matter.

Omega: If I'm as valuable as you say, Lama Su will keep sending bounty hunters after me.

Hunter: He can send everyone in the galaxy. You have us.

Omega: You can't fight them all.

Hunter: Omega, you don't have to worry. You are never going back to Kamino.

Omega: Promise?

Hunter: I promise.

Hunter: Stay out of trouble.

Captain Rex: Funny. I was gonna say the same to you. Well... Take care, trooper.

Hunter: Captain. If you're ever in a bind, you know how to reach us.

Hunter: Here.

Rafa Martez: What's this?

Hunter: Tech copied the tactical droid's intel to this data rod before it got destroyed.

Rafa Martez: Why are you giving it to us?

Hunter: You'll use it for the right reasons.

Rafa Martez: Huh. Maybe you are different.

Hunter: To be honest, things were clearer when we were just soldiers.

Rafa Martez: Take it from me. In the end, we all choose sides.

Hunter: We haven't decided if we're gonna work for you or not.

Cid: Allow me to decide for you. You're in! I'm talking a mutually beneficial arrangement. You make money, I make money, and I watch your back. With the heat on you, it's the best option you've got.

Hunter: I guess we're in.

Cid: I know you're in. I just told you you're in.

Omega (about Crosshair): You shouldn't be angry at him. He can't help it.

Hunter: I'm angry at myself. We don't leave our own behind.

Omega: Then we'll find a way to get him back... somehow.

Omega: I know I made a mistake, and I have a lot to learn, but you don't have to get rid of me. I left Kamino with you. This is where I wanna be.

Hunter: Tell you the truth, kid, I guess I've got a lot to learn too. If this is where you want to be, then this is where you'll stay.

(Caleb escapes...)

Crosshair: Where's the Jedi?

Hunter: I stunned him when he jumped. He didn't make it.

Wrecker: Let's blow something up. Yeah!

Depa Billaba: Well, Caleb, shall we let them do what they do?

Caleb Dume: Only if I can go with them.

Depa Billaba: Very well.

Hunter: Hey, kid. You ready for this? We move fast.

Caleb Dume: Good. That's the only way I know.

Wrecker (laughs): I like him.

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