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Omega: I heard what you said to Hunter on the Marauder. You don't have a normal life because of me.

Echo: Omega, listen to me. Please. You have to let it go.

(Later on the Marauder...)

Omega: I'm sorry we lost the war chest.

Echo: We'll manage without it.

Omega: I wanted to make things better for us. I know you all gave up everything because of me.

Echo: Good thing we did, or we might be fighting for the Empire right now. Or worse. We made the right choice, Omega. I'd do it all again.

(Romar gives Omega a kaleidoscope)

Omega: What is it?

Romar: Look inside.

Omega: There are jewels in here?

Romar: No. No, it's only reflected glass. It's an optical illusion.

Omega: Then it's not treasure?

Romar: Oh, for blast's sakes. It's a toy. It makes you happy. And believe me, that is worth more than any jewel.

Omega: You're still their brother, Crosshair. You're my brother too.

Omega: Gonky's prime power source won't fully charge. I'm fixing it.

Hunter: You can't. He's a defective unit.

Omega (to Gonky): Don't worry, we're defective too.

Omega: Tech won't let me train until I can recite all the ship's specifications from memory.

Hera Syndulla: Specs are only half of it. Flying is... It's about a feeling.

Omega: What do you mean?

Hera Syndulla: When I close my eyes and picture myself up there, I feel it. The instruments help guide you, but you plot your course. You're free.

Omega: So you're a pilot?

Hera Syndulla: No. Not yet. But one day.

Omega: If I'm as valuable as you say, Lama Su will keep sending bounty hunters after me.

Hunter: He can send everyone in the galaxy. You have us.

Omega: You can't fight them all.

Hunter: Omega, you don't have to worry. You are never going back to Kamino.

Omega: Promise?

Hunter: I promise.

Omega: Whoa, I've never been inside an ion engine before.

Wrecker: It'd be weirder if you had.

Tech: These chambers are quite the engineering marvel. This blast primer coating is capable of withstand...

Wrecker: No one cares! (pushes Tech) Keep movin'.

Omega: Tech...? What was the war like?

Tech: It was a primary mission objective comprised of battles on various fronts.

Omega: But... what was it like?

Tech: Hmm? I just told you.

Omega: I thought you didn't like the regs.

Wrecker: This one we like.

Hunter: Omega, this is Rex.

Captain Rex: I've met many clones in my time, but never one like you.

Omega: You're a generation one.

Captain Rex: Now how'd you know that?

Omega: From the lines on your face.

Captain Rex: Yeah, I guess I've been around.

Omega (about Crosshair): You shouldn't be angry at him. He can't help it.

Hunter: I'm angry at myself. We don't leave our own behind.

Omega: Then we'll find a way to get him back... somehow.

Omega: I know I made a mistake, and I have a lot to learn, but you don't have to get rid of me. I left Kamino with you. This is where I wanna be.

Hunter: Tell you the truth, kid, I guess I've got a lot to learn too. If this is where you want to be, then this is where you'll stay.

Character from Star Wars Universe

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Star Wars Quotes

You can find Omega in the series The Bad Batch.

Top 3 Most Iconic Quotes by Omega from The Bad Batch

Omega Quotes from Star Wars The Bad Batch


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Omega is the only female clone known to be created by the Kaminoans. She lived in the time of the Clone wars, but after the fall of Republic she escaped with a group of clones that call themselves the Bad Batch.

Omega is voiced by the actress Michelle Ang.


The pick of the top 3 famous one-liners ever said by Omega:

  • “I know I made a mistake, and I have a lot to learn, but you don’t have to get rid of me. I left Kamino with you. This is where I wanna be.” (Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Ep. 1×02)
  • “Don’t worry, we’re defective too.” (to a defective droid she’s fixing, Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Ep. 1×12)
  • “You’re still their brother, Crosshair. You’re my brother too.” (to Crosshair, Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Ep. 1×16)


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