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Phasma: You are a bug in the system.

Finn: Let's go, chrome dome.

Phasma: You were always scum.

Finn: Rebel scum.

Finn: At least you're stealing from the bad guys and helping the good.

DJ: Good guys, bad guys, made-up words. Let's see who formerly owned this gorgeous hunk-uh. Ah, this guy was an arms dealer. Made his bank selling weapons to the bad guys. (hologram shows a tie fighter) Oh... And the good. (hologram shows a x-wing) Finn, let me learn you something big. It's all a machine, partner. Live free, don't join.

Rose Tico: But who knows where the breaker room is on a Star Destroyer?

Finn: I'm the guy that used to mop it.

Leia Organa (to Poe): Poe, get your head out of your cockpit. There are things that you cannot solve by jumping in an X-wing and blowing something up!

(A moment later...)

Finn: They've got us.

Poe Dameron: Not yet, they don't. Permission to jump in an X-wing and blow something up?

Leia Organa: Permission granted.

Poe Dameron: Hey, what's your name?

Finn: FN-2187.

Poe Dameron: F... What?

Finn: That's the only name they ever gave me.

Poe Dameron: Well, I ain't using it. F-N, huh? Finn. I'm gonna call you Finn. Is that all right?

Finn: Finn. Yeah. Finn, I like that.

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