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Zeb Orrelios: I can't believe this. Kallus has got us.

Chava: He plays his part, as warrior.

Zeb Orrelios: Wait, he is the warrior? And I got stuck being the child?

Chava: There are many warriors, fools and children, Captain. The child in you can't see how things are, but how they can be. The fool denies his destiny, but it is the warrior you are who will create one. You are never one of these. In time, you become all of them.

Chava: The child must save the warrior and the fool. The child must show us the way.

(Zeb pushes Ezra forward)

Chava: No. The child of Lasan.

Zeb Orrelios: Wait, wait. I'm the child? I really wanted to be the warrior.

Ezra Bridger: You're kinda acting like a child.

(Zeb and Chopper find a baby in a TIE fighter...)

Zeb Orrelios: I really hope that's not a baby Inquisitor. (Chopper suggests something) No, we can't just leave it here. (Chopper is adamant about it) We'll blow up the ship after we get the baby. What is wrong with you?

Hera Syndulla: I did a little research on why it's so hard to land here.

Sabine Wren: And?

Hera Syndulla: The upper atmosphere is tricky.

Sabine Wren: Tricky how?

Hera Syndulla: You can get through it, but your craft never seems to maintain its power.

Zeb Orrelios: Whoa. What does that mean? I don't know what that means.

Sabine Wren: It means no power, no flying, just falling.

Zeb Orrelios: Could've mentioned this before I got on board!

Hera Syndulla: You wouldn't have come!

(Zeb is stuck in ventilation shaft...)

Zeb Orrelios: I don't wanna die this way. I'm the last of my kind.

Captain Rex: If it's a fight you want, I hope you brought a better class of soldier than those stormtroopers.

Agent Kallus: They serve the Empire well, and I have a great many of them.

Captain Rex: You're gonna need all of 'em.

Zeb Orrelios: I like these guys.

Sabine Wren: You know what I do in hopeless situations?

Zeb Orrelios: Yeah. Blow stuff up.

(On their way to help Minister Tua...)

Sabine Wren: Ezra, I hope you're sure about this.

Zeb Orrelios: After all the trouble she's made for us, why should we help her?

Ezra Bridger: Because that's what we do. Help those who can't help themselves. Plus, her list will help us out.

Zeb Orrelios: Funny story. You see, Lando and I were playing sabacc, and I kinda bet Chopper.

Hera Syndulla: Garazeb Orrelios, Chopper wasn't yours to bet!

Zeb Orrelios: Kanan said it was okay.

Hera Syndulla (to Kanan): And you should know better! Chopper is a member of this crew!

(Grand Inquisitor turns on his spinning double lightsaber)

Ezra Bridger (to Kanan): Does yours do that?

(Later Grand Inquisitor throws his saber at them as a boomerang)

Zeb Orrelios (to Kanan): Does yours do that?

Sabine Wren: His plan gets worse all the time.

Zeb Orrelios: Just hope he doesn't change it again.

Kanan Jarrus: I'm standing right here.

Sabine Wren: We know.

Zeb Orrelios: We know.

Zeb Orrelios: I really thought this Jedi stuff would be more interesting. No wonder the old religion died. (Chopper grumpily agrees) Come on, kid. Do something. Amuse me. Use the Force! (makes Ezra fall)

Ezra Bridger: Does he have to be here?

Kanan Jarrus: He's annoying, but there will always be distractions. You need to learn to focus through them.

Lyste: My men reported a stolen TIE.

Zeb Orrelios: That's not the TIE you're looking for. It's a totally different TIE. I sent it to seek out the rebels.

(Ezra runs off to help a little Wookiee...)

Zeb Orrelios (to Ezra): Kid, stop! Karabast! I swear, if he's left behind again, it's not my fault!

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