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(Fisk is holding Maya's family hostage...)

Wilson Fisk: You brought this upon yourself!

Maya Lopez: They have nothing to do with this! They're in my blood, in my heart. I'm a part of them, and they're a part of me. I'm their legacy not yours.

Wilson Fisk: I can't remember a time when I haven't loved you like a daughter. We only had each other. Don't you remember?

Maya Lopez: My memories are a lie. A child's fantasy that turned a monster into a hero.

Wilson Fisk: A monster? You knew what you were part of at every turn. All the people you killed for me, did you plead for their lives? I ask you who's the monster?

Maya Lopez: You isolated me. Told me you were the only one I could trust. But it was all a lie. Even these contacts, you got them because you didn't care enough to learn to sign.

Wilson Fisk: It hurts that you were so ready to believe the worst. You raised a hand to me in violence.

Maya Lopez: Violence was always our language.

Wilson Fisk: I thought you saw my actions as heroic.

Maya Lopez: I used to.

Wilson Fisk: I always had your back. Even then, I couldn't stand when you would get hurt. That hasn't changed.

Wilson Fisk: I'm not angry with you, Maya... despite... the little souvenir you left me with. But you did what you thought you had to, just like I taught you. And I was impressed. And I think there's a part of you that's happy that I'm still alive.

Maya Lopez: No. I can assure you I wanted you dead.

Wilson Fisk: But your face, it told another story just now when you saw me. Relief.

Maya Lopez: Why are you here?

Wilson Fisk: I thought that we could have a Sunday family dinner like we used to.

Maya Lopez: It's Thursday.

Wilson Fisk: A toast. To your final lesson.

Maya Lopez: Final?

Wilson Fisk: Yes. Well, we'll still have our... our Sunday evening dinners, but your tutelage has come to an end. You're ready.

Maya Lopez: For what?

Wilson Fisk: To move from the theoretical to the practical. You and I we are the only ones we can trust. That's your final lesson.

Wilson Fisk: I understand your rage.

Maya Lopez: Do you?

Wilson Fisk: My father was killed also. When I was 12 years old. The pain that I felt in the wake of that moment... is something that I have never felt again since. Let me help you release this rage in, in a more constructive way.

Maya Lopez: How?

Wilson Fisk: A job. You have greatness in you. Take your hurt, your loss, take your pain, make it into something useful.

Wilson Fisk: The people need to be reminded that the city belongs to me.

Wilson Fisk: If I agree to your demands, then... you leave my wife alone. You leave Vanessa free!

Matt Murdock: If you keep your word.

Wilson Fisk: Then, it's a deal.

Vanessa Marianna: When I first met you, I was fascinated by your strength. Your brutality so clear to me, even as you hid it from me. I wanted to observe everything you did. And as I did, I fell in love with you. But this? If this is all we have... it will leave me lonely, Wilson. As lonely as I was in Spain. When you stopped your man from speaking in front of me, I... I was reminded that I am not a part of your life. Not fully, and so not at all. And this... I don't want to admire your world. I want to live inside of it with you.

Wilson Fisk: Vanessa, it's one thing to know my work, but it's another... to dirty your hands with it.

Vanessa Marianna: My hands were never clean. If you truly want me... share your life with me. Fully.

Wilson Fisk: Come with me, please.

Wilson Fisk: I know that most of you find this difficult to accept. That's only because you've been manipulated... poisoned into believing the news media's fake story... that I am evil, that I am a criminal. Quite the opposite is true. Because I challenge the system... because I've told the truth and tried to make this city a better place, the people in power decided to tear me down... to tear me down with false allegations. They sent someone to frame me. Daredevil. The killer who's now showing his true colors, who has tried to murder people in newspaper offices and churches... attacking our sacred institutions. Believe me. Daredevil is our true public enemy.

Wilson Fisk: Dex... rage cannot stay inside. It needs to go somewhere... or it becomes a poison. It will kill you from within. I find that when this rage cannot stay buried in me for one more second... that a primal scream... is the only satisfying release.

Wilson Fisk (to his lawyer): Right now, I am New York's scapegoat. Downstairs, there are protesters chanting prayers to drive me out into the wilderness. The attention that it brings is an impediment for my plan. Fortunately, the public is easily distracted. Which makes the solution for my problem quite simple. The city needs a new villain. And I think I might've found him.

Wilson Fisk (to Ray): I've spent much of my life alone. And for many years, I pretended that this was the source of my strength. I told myself I had free will. And in that time, I achieved a great deal. But I was not fulfilled. I was longing for a connection that I could imagine but I could not achieve. Searching and not finding. Until Vanessa. Until I discovered love. I thought I would explode with the sense of power and freedom that she brought me. That the world lay at my feet. But then that passed when I discovered the great lie at the heart of love. That what I took for true freedom was precisely the reverse. You can build a prison of stone and steel, but you merely present the prisoner with a challenge. Any truly determined man will find a way out. But love... Love is the perfect prison. Inescapable. So you see, Agent Nadeem... I am always in prison, wherever I go. And if these things (cuffs on his hands) help me protect Vanessa, then they are nothing to me. I will do whatever I must.

Wilson Fisk is character from Marvel Universe

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Marvel Quotes

You can find Kingpin in the series Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Echo.


Wilson Fisk, commonly known as the Kingpin, is a fictional character in Marvel Comics. He is a formidable and iconic antagonist primarily associated with Spider-Man and Daredevil storylines. Kingpin is a powerful and ruthless crime lord, known for his immense physical strength, strategic mind, and influence over organized crime in New York City.


Kingpin is known for his imposing physical presence, intelligence, and ability to manipulate events behind the scenes. His character is marked by a combination of ruthless criminality and occasional moments of vulnerability, making him one of the most compelling and enduring villains in the Marvel Universe.


Wilson Fisk is played by the actor Vincent D’Onofrio.

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