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Clint Barton (to Maya): You and I, we're the same. When you're filled with rage, it makes you blind. You can be used. You can be manipulated.

Kate Bishop: What do you think of "Lady Hawk"?

Clint Barton: Yeah, that's terrible.

Kate Bishop: "Hawk Eve"?

Clint Barton: No, that's worse.

Kate Bishop: Damn, okay. Hawk Shot. Like "hot shot." But you know, "Hawk."

Clint Barton: No.

Kate Bishop: "Lady Arrow"?

Clint Barton: None of those.

Kate Bishop: Okay, fine.

Clint Barton: You know what, actually, I have an idea.

Clint Barton (to Kate): You took on Kingpin all by yourself. Not many people walk away from somethin' like that. And I'm so proud of you.

Kate Bishop: Wow. Jack's out of jail already. Nothing phases that guy.

Clint Barton: So Jack wielding a sword, just out of jail for allegedly murdering somebody with one.

Kate Bishop: Maybe it's his way of proving that he really is innocent?

Clint Barton: It's a weird flex, but sure.

Clint Barton (to Kate): You know, you don't have to do this. It is part of the job. It's always inconvenient. It's lonely. You will get hurt. Heroes have to make some tough decisions. So, if you're gonna do this... I just wanna know you're ready.

Clint Barton: I wanted you... see... my face.

Maya Lopez (signs): So I can watch you kill me?

Clint Barton: No. But if you or anyone comes after me or my family, it will be the last thing you do. You have my word. You and I, we're the same.

Maya Lopez (signs): You're a monster.

Clint Barton: We're weapons. But when you're filled with rage, it makes you blind. It could be used, could be manipulated. Trust me, I know.

Kate Bishop: Look, you made mistakes, but those are behind you.

Clint Barton: No, it's tied to me. Tied to my family. That's why I'm here. And I can't go home till I fix it.

Kate Bishop: You lost your family in the Blip?

Clint Barton: Yeah. Like half the world.

Kate Bishop: God, that must have been devastating.

Clint Barton: Yeah, there are no words.

Kate Bishop: Is that where you met the Ronin? It's you, isn't it?

Clint Barton: Everybody dealt with the Blip in their own way. I continued doing what I was trained to do.

Kate Bishop: Protect people.

Clint Barton: Hurting people. Investigating first, but in the end, my job has always been to hurt people.

Kate Bishop: You were a hero.

Clint Barton: I was a weapon. I was aimed by the right people at the right targets.

Eleanor Bishop (about Kate): She is not a superhero.

Clint Barton: Oh, yeah. Come on, I already knew that. She's pretty good at all this, but...

Eleanor Bishop: Natasha Romanoff was pretty damn good at it, wasn't she? Being good isn't always enough to keep you alive.

Clint Barton: I'm sorry, Kate. I'm not a role model to anyone. Never have been.

Kate Bishop: What? Yes, you are. You are. You... You came here. You left your family at Christmas because you thought some stranger was gonna get hurt. You stuck around even though I screwed up.

Clint Barton (to Kate): There are several reasons why I'd never wear a flashy costume. My job is to be, number one, a ghost. Number two, my wife would divorce me if I put something like this on. Hmm? And number three, uh... I'm not a role model.

Kate Bishop: I've been thinking about your branding issue. You need a more recognizable costume.

Clint Barton: Uh, you realize that my job for the last 20 years was to be not recognizable, right?

Kate Bishop: Well, you've officially failed at that. Picture this... in purple.

Clint Barton: Oh, wow. What's that on his head?

Kate Bishop: It's your head. Uh, wings. Like a hawk. That's an "H" that's on your forehead. That's... for "Hawkeye."

Clint Barton: Well, not happening.

Kate Bishop: When I put that suit on, I thought, "This is it. This is the moment I become who I'm supposed to be."

Clint Barton: I remember the day I thought the same thing. You know, it's, uh... It comes with a price.

Kate Bishop: What does?

Clint Barton: This life you wanna live. To really help people. I mean, try to help people, anyway. Comes with a lot of sacrifices. And some things you'll lose... forever.

(Clint's hearing aid is broken... Kate sends him a text.)

Kate Bishop: Good thing they call you HawkEYE and not HawkEAR.

Clint Barton: Ha ha ha ha. Block. Delete.

Clint Barton is a character from the Marvel Universe

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