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(Fisk is holding Maya's family hostage...)

Wilson Fisk: You brought this upon yourself!

Maya Lopez: They have nothing to do with this! They're in my blood, in my heart. I'm a part of them, and they're a part of me. I'm their legacy not yours.

(Maya's vision...)

Maya's mother: I will help you. Your ancestors will help you. You come from a long line of very special women. All the way from Chafa herself. They have carried the fire. They were the protectors of their people. They fought for their family. Now, it's your turn.

Maya Lopez: All I bring is danger. I have to leave.

Maya's mother: Don't run. Stay. Fight. For us. Remember your gifts. Strategy. Cunning. Ferocity. Love. All of that is infused in this... (her new suit made by Chula) Every seam on the suit shows that you're part of us. And we're part of you. I love you. Always.

Wilson Fisk: I can't remember a time when I haven't loved you like a daughter. We only had each other. Don't you remember?

Maya Lopez: My memories are a lie. A child's fantasy that turned a monster into a hero.

Wilson Fisk: A monster? You knew what you were part of at every turn. All the people you killed for me, did you plead for their lives? I ask you who's the monster?

Maya Lopez: You isolated me. Told me you were the only one I could trust. But it was all a lie. Even these contacts, you got them because you didn't care enough to learn to sign.

Wilson Fisk: It hurts that you were so ready to believe the worst. You raised a hand to me in violence.

Maya Lopez: Violence was always our language.

Wilson Fisk: I thought you saw my actions as heroic.

Maya Lopez: I used to.

Wilson Fisk: I always had your back. Even then, I couldn't stand when you would get hurt. That hasn't changed.

Wilson Fisk: I'm not angry with you, Maya... despite... the little souvenir you left me with. But you did what you thought you had to, just like I taught you. And I was impressed. And I think there's a part of you that's happy that I'm still alive.

Maya Lopez: No. I can assure you I wanted you dead.

Wilson Fisk: But your face, it told another story just now when you saw me. Relief.

Maya Lopez: Why are you here?

Wilson Fisk: I thought that we could have a Sunday family dinner like we used to.

Maya Lopez: It's Thursday.

Wilson Fisk: A toast. To your final lesson.

Maya Lopez: Final?

Wilson Fisk: Yes. Well, we'll still have our... our Sunday evening dinners, but your tutelage has come to an end. You're ready.

Maya Lopez: For what?

Wilson Fisk: To move from the theoretical to the practical. You and I we are the only ones we can trust. That's your final lesson.

Henry Lopez: You have no idea what you're messing with.

Maya Lopez: I gave you a chance to know what's coming. I wanted you with me.

Henry Lopez: Meaning, you're starting a war.

Maya Lopez: There's already a war.

Henry Lopez: And I don't want New York problems coming here.

Maya Lopez: I have a strategy. It's playing out the way I planned.

Henry Lopez: No. This is chaos. People will die.

Maya Lopez: I say when it starts. I say when it stops. That's not chaos. That's power.

Henry Lopez: You sound like Fisk.

Henry Lopez: I won't bring a war here. To the people I love and who love you. Why are you doing this?

Maya Lopez: Kingpin had his run. It's time for a queen.

Maya Lopez is character from Marvel Universe

Marvel Quotes

Marvel Quotes

You can find Maya Lopez in the series Hawkeye and Echo.


After the death of her father, Maya Lopez is raised by Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) into his protegée. For years she works for him. After Hawkeye reveals he was the one who was behind her father’s death, she returns to her hometown. She is reunited with her family, learns about her family’s history and becomes Echo.


Maya Lopez is played by the actress Alaqua Cox.

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