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TanKhun: Darn! Arm! Pol! Where the hell are you guys? My surprise plan is now bummed.

Arm: We're embarrassed, Mr. Tankhun.

TanKhun: What could you possibly be embarrassed about? Just wearing carp costumes? That would go along with the atmosphere.

Arm: We'll see you at home, Mr. Tankhun. The signal is bad.

(Tankhun is holding a memorial for Pete, crying a lot...)

Tankhun (wailing): Pete! Pete!

Pete: Yes, Mr. Tankhun.

(Pete shows up covered in blood, Arm and Pol run away, Porsche hides behind Kinn - they're afraid of ghosts)

Tankhun: Pete! You became a zombie? (hugs him and realizes he's flesh and blood, not a ghost) Pete! Pete! You're still alive?!

(Tankhun helds memorial for Pete and burns money for him...)

Tankhun: Right now, his soul wouldn't be able to find his way home. So I am trying to lead him home. Pete. Don't worry, I have so much money to give you. Go get the ATM!

Pol: There's an ATM?

Tankhun: Yes. (Pol find the paper model of ATM and brings it to Tankhun) If you want anything, Pete, just withdraw the money from the ATM, no limits. And if you're lonely... (goes to the paper figurines of himself, Arm, Pol and Yok) Well, I'm still a little busy. You can have Yok here to keep you company. I guarantee you it's gonna be so much fun. (throws the Yok figurine into the fire) And that's not enough... (takes another two figurines) Take Arm and Pol with you. They're your friends. (throws them into the fire too)

Khun: Getting worried all of a sudden? Whoa!

Korn (about Porsche): Or is he trying to betray us?

Khun: Right, or does he get on your nerves?

Korn: Or did he make another mistake?

Khun: Or do you hate him?

Korn: Right, but why would that matter?

Khun: Or does he stink?

Korn: Or is he afraid of dying all of a sudden?

Khun: Yeah, what is it, Kinn? Huh?

Korn: Huh?

Kinn: I... (stands up) I love him. That's all.

Tankhun: Are you not dead yet?

Kim: I happened to be around here so I came to visit Papa.

Tankhun: I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to the fish.

(Tankhun, Pol, Arm and Porsche are watching a TV series...)

Tankhun: You guys said he's not going to die.

Porsche: Well, he didn't. The villain did.

Arm: That's right, Mr. Tankhun. The villain died.

Tankhun: What?

Pol: I think you may have been confused.

Tankhun: What? I didn't recognize the guy from the beginning? Guess, we'll have to watch it again.

Pol, Arm and Porsche: No!

Tankhun: Did you make Macau's head bleed?

Porsche: Well, I didn't mean to...

Tankhun: That's awesome. I love that. I really love that. You're like... wow! Amazing! (to Kinn): Let me have Porsche. And you can take Pete. (to Pete): You, go with him. You always dissatisfy me. I told you to tie Macau up but you didn't do it. So, go with Kinn. Go! A guy like you wouldn't do me any good.

(Tankhun punishes Porsche for killing his fish by wearing a mermaid outfit...)

Kinn: That's enough. I'll buy you new carps. I think this one isn't good enough to breed.

Tankhun: That's true. (to Porsche): My Elizabeth was much cuter than you.

(Tankhun finds out it was Porsche who caused the death of his favorite fish...)

Tankhun: Pol, take him. (Pol seizes Porsche) I'll make him pay. Bring him here!

Arm: Mr. Tankhun...

Tankhun: What?

Arm: Miss Universe pageant competition is today.

Tankhun: Huh?

Arm: It's almost time.

Tankhun: Well, you're lucky. Just you wait! I'll come back for you later. Let's go.

Arm: This way, Mr. Tankhun.

Tankhun: Pol!

Pol: Yes, Mr. Tankhun. (releases Porsche)

Tankhun: Don't you want to know who will be crowned?

(On their way to feed Tankhun's Fancy Carps...)

Tankhun: You know Fancy Carp very well.

Pol: Thank you.

Tankhun: I guess that's why you look like a Fancy Carp. Then I make you be the guardian of the Fancy Carp pond.

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KinnPorsche Quotes

TanKhun Theerapanyakul Quotes from KinnPorsche series

Above you’ll find the best quotes by master TanKhun, oldest son of the Theerapanyakul mafia family. TanKhun is played by Tong Thanayut Thakoonauttaya.


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