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Tankhun: Are you not dead yet?

Kim: I happened to be around here so I came to visit Papa.

Tankhun: I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to the fish.

(Tankhun, Pol, Arm and Porsche are watching a TV series...)

Tankhun: You guys said he's not going to die.

Porsche: Well, he didn't. The villain did.

Arm: That's right, Mr. Tankhun. The villain died.

Tankhun: What?

Pol: I think you may have been confused.

Tankhun: What? I didn't recognize the guy from the beginning? Guess, we'll have to watch it again.

Pol, Arm and Porsche: No!

Tankhun: Did you make Macau's head bleed?

Porsche: Well, I didn't mean to...

Tankhun: That's awesome. I love that. I really love that. You're like... wow! Amazing! (to Kinn): Let me have Porsche. And you can take Pete. (to Pete): You, go with him. You always dissatisfy me. I told you to tie Macau up but you didn't do it. So, go with Kinn. Go! A guy like you wouldn't do me any good.

(Tankhun punishes Porsche for killing his fish by wearing a mermaid outfit...)

Kinn: That's enough. I'll buy you new carps. I think this one isn't good enough to breed.

Tankhun: That's true. (to Porsche): My Elizabeth was much cuter than you.

(Tankhun finds out it was Porsche who caused the death of his favorite fish...)

Tankhun: Pol, take him. (Pol seizes Porsche) I'll make him pay. Bring him here!

Arm: Mr. Tankhun...

Tankhun: What?

Arm: Miss Universe pageant competition is today.

Tankhun: Huh?

Arm: It's almost time.

Tankhun: Well, you're lucky. Just you wait! I'll come back for you later. Let's go.

Arm: This way, Mr. Tankhun.

Tankhun: Pol!

Pol: Yes, Mr. Tankhun. (releases Porsche)

Tankhun: Don't you want to know who will be crowned?

(On their way to feed Tankhun's Fancy Carps...)

Tankhun: You know Fancy Carp very well.

Pol: Thank you.

Tankhun: I guess that's why you look like a Fancy Carp. Then I make you be the guardian of the Fancy Carp pond.

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