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Kinn: When I heard my people up there, my first thought was, I didn't want to get out of the woods.

Porsche: Are you insane? Are you crazy like Tankhun now? Huh?

Kinn: I don't know. Being here, I've got nothing on my shoulders. I don't have to follow the schedule. It's like I get to be myself once again.

Porsche: I like that. I really like this version of yourself. It's cute.

Porsche: Why do you keep your smiles to yourself? I barely see you smile.

Kinn: Of course I'm smiling, I thought I'd starve to death.

Porsche: I mean, since you've been here, you haven't stop smiling. I guess you don't have to act all serious in front of your people, huh?

Kinn: Hmph. So that's why you've been a complete jerk to me all this time. No need for respect anymore, right?

Porsche: Oh. That's my personality.

(Kinn is trying to make fire with two stones...)

Kinn: Fire and I belong together. Polite but hot. Have you heard of it? My slogan. Just a little bit longer.

Porsche: Yes, sir. Please make it burning hot.

(After a while Kinn gives up, Porsche takes out a ligher from his pocket...)

Kinn: Why didn't you say you got a lighter?

Porsche: Well, I wanted Mr. Kinn to show off his talent. I didn't want to interrupt. I was waiting to see Mr. Kinn's hotness. I wanted to see what it'd be like.

Kinn: Haven't I told you so many times already, to not get involved with the minor family? You know they can't be trusted.

Porsche: At least, they've done no harm to me.

Porsche: I don't have any enemies.

Kinn: The first day that you walked into the main family's house, was the day you got yourself enemies.

Kinn (to Porsche): If you'd ever been in my situation, you'd suspect everyone.

(Porsche makes a coffee for Kinn...)

Kinn (to Porsche): You can really only make alcoholic drinks.

(Porsche is drunk and accidently kicks Kinn when trying to protect him...)

Kinn (to Porsche): Everyone wants me dead. Even you.

(Tankhun punishes Porsche for killing his fish by wearing a mermaid outfit...)

Kinn: That's enough. I'll buy you new carps. I think this one isn't good enough to breed.

Tankhun: That's true. (to Porsche): My Elizabeth was much cuter than you.

(Time and Tay see Porsche for the first time)

Kinn: My Papa brought him in. His name is Porsche. You can use him all you want.

Time (to Kinn): Tell your Papa to find me one.

Tay: You want me to find one for you?

Time: That's alright. I'm just joking.

Porsche: Don't forget our deal.

Kinn: Well, you also don't forget that, from now on, your life is mine.

Porsche: My life is mine.

Kinn: Be my bodyguard.

Porsche: Be your bodyguard? And I will be holding my balls in a background like these guys?

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