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(Vegas gives Pete and Pol a bag of food and leaves, Pol checks what's in the bag and finds a little box...)

Pete: Let me see. (takes the box from Pol) Condoms!

(Vegas turns and walks back to them...)

Pol: Why did you have to scream so loud?

Vegas (to Pete): Sorry. Those I bought for myself. Or would you like to share?

Pete: That's alright, Mr. Vegas. Please go on.

Vegas: See ya.

Pete: I know exactly how you feel. The first time is always the worst.

Porsche: It happened to you before?

Pete: Mmm. Mr. Tankhun did it to me.

Porsche: Shoot.

Pete: That time, Mr. Tankhun, had me do air chair squats for days. Fudge!

Porsche: The first time that you talked about... was the punishment?

Pete: Yeah. Wait... Wasn't it because of Mr. Kinn's punishment, that made you have this messed-up face? Or is there something else?

Porsche: Nothing.

(Porsche wakes up angry at Kinn for choking him until he passed out...)

Porsche: Why are you stopping me?

Pete: Calm down. Mr. Kinn just saved your life.

Porsche: Saving my life?

Pete: If Mr. Kinn hadn't done that, you would've been shot to death by the minor family for what you'd done to their son. Think this through. If Mr. Kinn really thought of killing you, wouldn't it be easier to just shoot you then? Why would he let you live and talk to me now? Mr. Kinn used to be kind in the past. He loved his people. But the reason he became cruel was not totally on him.

Porsche: And why is that?

Pete: Drop it. Just know that he saved your life today. Don't forget to thank him.

(Vegas smirks at Porsche when walking past him, Pete is standing next to Porsche...)

Pete: This is Mr. Vegas, the oldest son positioning as Mr. Kinn.

Porsche: Who did he smile at?

Pete: How would I know?

Porsche: I think because you're handsome. So he smiled at you.

Pete (smiles): Of course.

Porsche: Mr. Tankhun, is he a psycho like Mr. Kinn?

Pete: Nope.

Porsche: You're lucky.

Pete: Because he's worse. Your Mr. Kinn is the most normal one in the house.

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