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(Vegas eats some of the noodles he made for Pete, to show him it's safe to eat...)

Vegas (to Pete): Go ahead an eat it. If you hate me, you'll have energy to kill me later.

(Pete asks about Vegas's father...)

Vegas: You've never gone through what I have.

Pete: Who said so? When I was little, my dad forced me into boxing. When I lost, he beat me up. Until one day, I won.

Vegas: So he stopped beating you?

Pete: No. He still beat me. I found out later that he had been a boxer. the difference was that he never won. And he kept that pain and took it out on me.

Vegas: You're saying my Papa sucks?

Pete: And has he ever beaten Mr. Korn? Got it now? They don't beat us because we suck. They beat us because they, themselves, suck.

Vegas: Nosy.

Vegas (to Pete): I'm not killing you now. Because being with you is so darn fun.

Vegas (to Pete): Oh, you got a tattoo?

(Pete has a tattoo on his hip, Vegas reads it...)

Vegas: "No legacy is so rich as honesty." What a load of bullsh*t. You are such a good pet of the main family. Let me tell you something. Only a fool thinks honesty is real.

Vegas: Kinn is like this. He thinks I may steal you away.

Porsche: That's not it.

Vegas: But I understand. A guy who's been through stuff like that.

Porsche: Stuff like what? I've heard this so many times now. What really happened?

Vegas: Kinn used to have a boyfriend named Tawan. He's the first one that Kinn got really serious with. At first, they seemed sweet. But after that, as Kinn's always like, he started being paranoid, that Tawan might be a spy sent by other gangs to collect information.

Porsche: So they broke up. And after that, he became cold. So childish.

Vegas: No. Kinn shot Tawan to death. And after that, he trusts no one.

(Vegas visits Porsche in the hospital...)

Porsche: These flowers are for Kinn?

Vegas: Nope. These are for you, Porsche. Yellow roses mean friendship and care. And there's also another meaning. Love. That doesn't expect anything in return.

(Vegas gives Pete and Pol a bag of food and leaves, Pol checks what's in the bag and finds a little box...)

Pete: Let me see. (takes the box from Pol) Condoms!

(Vegas turns and walks back to them...)

Pol: Why did you have to scream so loud?

Vegas (to Pete): Sorry. Those I bought for myself. Or would you like to share?

Pete: That's alright, Mr. Vegas. Please go on.

Vegas: See ya.

Vegas (to Porsche): I just wanna put a mark on you for Kinn as a souvenir. Just that will make a paranoid guy like him mad to death. (Vegas is making hickies on Porsche for Kinn to notice)

Vegas (to Kinn): Are you afraid that when you open your heart, you will be hurt again?

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