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Vegas: Why did you follow me, Pete? I've got nothing left. (Pete hugs him) Let me go!

Pete: No.

Vegas: Why did you follow me, Pete? (shakes him off) I've got nothing left.

Pete: Would you stop saying you've got nothing left? I'm right here. And don't turn your back on me like this. Because... Because I'm hungry.

Vegas: Are you very hungry? Can't someone else take you to eat?

Pete: You dare pushing me away? You dare pushing me away, Vegas? Then why the heck did you tell me you wanted to be with me!? I'm your pet, aren't I? And I'm hungry now. And you walked out. So I had to come find my owner.

Vegas: I'm sorry for everything.

Pete: Sorry?

Vegas: If I die today, could it be you who kills me?

Pete: What the heck are you talking about!?

Vegas: I love you, Pete. (kisses Pete)

Vegas: I definitely won't let anyone do anything to Pete.

Porsche: Just take care of him.

Pete: Get out!

Vegas: I'm sorry, Pete.

Pete: Get the hell out of my life!

Vegas: Are you gonna shoot me? Are you? Why don't you shoot? Don't you want me to disappear? Shoot me already. Shoot me! I don't think you can. And you know why. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

(Pete grabbed the knife from Vegas' hands and holds it to his own neck...)

Vegas: Pete. Pete. I'm sorry, okay? Pete. I'm sorry. Okay. I give up, Pete. I'm sorry. Don't leave me, I'm begging you.

Pete: I'm a human, Vegas. I have feelings.

Vegas: Can we start all over again? Just you and me. I need you, Pete. Just you and me. Just you and me, Pete.

Pete: Need me? For emotional projection, like a pet with no feelings?

Vegas: No.

Pete: Then what the heck it this?! (brings up his hand that is cuffed to a chain)

Vegas: Okay, Pete. Okay. But promise me. You won't leave me. Just promise me that you won't leave me. Stay with me, Pete.

Pete: I'm sorry. (knocks out Vegas with the handcuffs...)

Pete: You just have to accept it and be true to who you are.

Vegas: Like you?

Pete: I just live in the present. What I'm feeling, that's all I think about.

Vegas: How can you live in this filthy world?

Pete: Why? Are you gonna say that I'm a good guy?

Vegas: No, you're just a fool.

Vegas: Everything that I love has left me.

(Pete is reading a book he found in Vegas' room)

Pete: It also says that the personality can be told by the pet too. A hedgehog. A hedgehog. A hedgehog. (Pete searches for the right page...) Ah. Hedgehog. The owner looks strong on the outside, scary, but actually is sensitive on the inside.

Vegas: Who's weak?

Pete: Sensitive. It says that you're sensitive. You need love.

Vegas: Freaking leave it alone. (kicks the book out of Pete's hands)

(Pete is reading a book he found in Vegas' room - Pete's blood is O, Vegas' AB...)

Vegas: What does it say?

Pete: O blood type. Handsome. Cool. Smart. And clever.

Vegas: I think you should throw the book away.

Pete: Well, it's really written like this. Let's look at AB. AB is peculiar. He looks open on the outside. But actually, it's really hard to get to him. Also difficult to guess what his emotion is. Volatile. This is so accurate.

Vegas: This stupid book, only you would believe it.

Pete: Well, it's actually your book.

(Pete is reading a book while still chained in the room, being held captive...)

Vegas: Where did you get that?

Pete: I went out to buy it, I guess.

(Vegas eats some of the noodles he made for Pete, to show him it's safe to eat...)

Vegas (to Pete): Go ahead an eat it. If you hate me, you'll have energy to kill me later.

(Pete asks about Vegas's father...)

Vegas: You've never gone through what I have.

Pete: Who said so? When I was little, my dad forced me into boxing. When I lost, he beat me up. Until one day, I won.

Vegas: So he stopped beating you?

Pete: No. He still beat me. I found out later that he had been a boxer. The difference was that he never won. And he kept that pain and took it out on me.

Vegas: You're saying my Papa sucks?

Pete: And has he ever beaten Mr. Korn? Got it now? They don't beat us because we suck. They beat us because they, themselves, suck.

Vegas: Nosy.

Vegas (to Pete): I'm not killing you now. Because being with you is so darn fun.

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KinnPorsche Quotes


Top 10 Quotes by Vegas from KinnPorsche Series

Vegas Theerapanyakul Quotes from KinnPorsche series

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Vegas is the oldest son of the Theerapanyakul mafia family from the minor branch. He is the older brother of Macau and cousin to TanKhun, Kinn and Kim. Vegas Theerapanyakul is played by Bible Wichapas Sumettikul.


The pick of the top 10 one-liners said by Vegas:

  • “Are you afraid that when you open your heart, you will be hurt again?” (Vegas to Kinn – Ep. 1×04)
  • “I’m not killing you now. Because being with you is so darn fun.” (Vegas to Pete – Ep. 1×11)
  • “Go ahead an eat it. If you hate me, you’ll have energy to kill me later.” (Vegas to Pete – Ep. 1×11)
  • “Everything that I love has left me.” (Vegas to Pete – Ep. 1×12)
  • “Everytime I get moody, your eyes tell me, that you like it.” (Vegas to Pete – Ep. 1×12)
  • “Don’t try to hold it. I know you’re suffering inside. Let it out. With a guy like you, it’s no fun if you don’t give in.” (Vegas to Pete – Ep. 1×12)
  • “I’m sorry. Okay. I give up, Pete. I’m sorry. Don’t leave me, I’m begging you.” (Vegas to Pete – Ep. 1×13)
  • “Okay, Pete. Okay. But promise me. You won’t leave me. Just promise me that you won’t leave me. Stay with me, Pete.” (Vegas to Pete – Ep. 1×13)
  • “I’m sorry for everything. If I die today, could it be you who kills me? I love you, Pete.” (Vegas to Pete – Ep. 1×14)
  • “From now on, you’re no longer my pet. You’re the most important person in my life.” (Vegas to Pete – Ep. 1×14)


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