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Porsche: I told you before. I'm not on the main family's side. And I'm not on the minor family's side either. I'm on your side. My life is all yours.

Kinn: I promise you. I'll treasure it.

Vegas: I definitely won't let anyone do anything to Pete.

Porsche: Just take care of him.

Porsche: How did you end up like this?

Pete: It's alright. I happened to fight with a dog along the way. That's why I look like crap.

Porsche: That's not funny. Who did this to you? Just tell me. I'll go handle it right now. Just trust me, Pete. Is it the minor family? Pete.

Pete: I really went home.

Porsche: Pete!

Pete: I went home. Please believe me. I'm begging you.

Porsche: I'm not leaving you. Do you hear me? (Chay nods) But can I ask you something?

Chay: Mmm. (nods)

Porsche: Can I take care of both you and Kinn? I can't leave anyone behind.

(Chay hugs Porsche)

(Porsche and Pete are sneaking into Kinn's room...)

Pete: Clear. Ostrich, search for a phone. Tailorbird will be the lookout.

Porsche: Why are we using secret names? There are only two of us.

(Later Pete can see Kinn returning to his room...)

Pete: Darn, Porsche! Black Eagle is on the way. Tailorbird will run now.

Porsche (to Yok): Where do people go on a date? Because I normally ended up at the back of your bar.

Kinn: I'm not carrying just one gun, you know. (takes Porsche's hand and places it on his crotch) This is another gun of mine.

Porsche: And about this gun, if I'm done with it, do I need to return it quickly? Or can it be used over and over?

Kinn: If you wanna know, you gotta try. Maybe three of four rounds.

Porsche: Why was it first a pocket pistol, but now it's a Magnum one?

Kinn: I have something for you. (takes out a gun) This is my lucky gun. I have it with me every time when I have important events.

Porsche: What if I can't take good care of it? Are you still giving it to me?

Kinn: Who said so? When you're done, you return it to me. The gun. And yourself.

Vegas: Kinn is like this. He thinks I may steal you away.

Porsche: That's not it.

Vegas: But I understand. A guy who's been through stuff like that.

Porsche: Stuff like what? I've heard this so many times now. What really happened?

Vegas: Kinn used to have a boyfriend named Tawan. He's the first one that Kinn got really serious with. At first, they seemed sweet. But after that, as Kinn's always like, he started being paranoid, that Tawan might be a spy sent by other gangs to collect information.

Porsche: So they broke up. And after that, he became cold. So childish.

Vegas: No. Kinn shot Tawan to death. And after that, he trusts no one.

Porsche: Minor family treats their bodyguards like friends. So heartwarming. And most importantly, if I complete my task, he'll [Vegas] give me a big bike. He's so generous.

Kinn: Is he taking you as his bodyguard or a wife?

Porsche: And the reason you're saying this, is because you really wanna know or you're just jealous?

(Vegas visits Porsche in the hospital...)

Porsche: These flowers are for Kinn?

Vegas: Nope. These are for you, Porsche. Yellow roses mean friendship and care. And there's also another meaning. Love. That doesn't expect anything in return.

Kinn: When I heard my people up there, my first thought was, I didn't want to get out of the woods.

Porsche: Are you insane? Are you crazy like Tankhun now? Huh?

Kinn: I don't know. Being here, I've got nothing on my shoulders. I don't have to follow the schedule. It's like I get to be myself once again.

Porsche: I like that. I really like this version of yourself. It's cute.

Porsche: Why do you keep your smiles to yourself? I barely see you smile.

Kinn: Of course I'm smiling, I thought I'd starve to death.

Porsche: I mean, since you've been here, you haven't stop smiling. I guess you don't have to act all serious in front of your people, huh?

Kinn: Hmph. So that's why you've been a complete jerk to me all this time. No need for respect anymore, right?

Porsche: Oh. That's my personality.

Character from KinnPorsche The Series

KinnPorsche Quotes

KinnPorsche Quotes


Top 10 Quotes by Porsche from KinnPorsche The Series

Porsche Kittisawasd Quotes from KinnPorsche series

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Porsche is the older brother of Porchay and bodyguard of the Theerapanyakul mafia family. Porsche Kittisawasd is played by Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat.


The pick of the top 10 one-liners said by Porsche:


  • “My life is mine.” (Porsche to Kinn – Ep. 1×01)
  • “Sorry I told you that it’s like a prison here. It’s actually a battlefield. I train as if I was going to war.” (Porsche to Pete – Ep. 1×02)
  • “My family used to take informal loans. If we had delayed payments, they’d come to teach us a lesson. They taught us more often than my teachers did. I freaking hate them. I never thought that today I’ll be like one of them.” (Porsche to Kinn – Ep. 1×03)
  • “I’m sad that I’ve done everything that I hate today. I collected the debt. I killed someone. I killed a father. I think his kid will definitely be in as much trouble as I was.” (Porsche to Kinn – Ep. 1×03)
  • “You wanted me to be shocked to know that Kinn’s gay? You’re such a jerk. Don’t you know how much this world has progressed? But I’m shocked that there are still people like you, who mess with others with this stuff.” (Porsche to Big – Ep. 1×04)
  • “Just admit it that you like me. Otherwise why would you kiss me at the pier?” (Porsche to Kinn – Ep. 1×04)
  • “My life’s been a disaster since I met you. ‘Your life is mine.’ Darn you!” (Porsche to Kinn – Ep. 1×06)
  • “Well, I wanted Mr. Kinn to show off his talent. I didn’t want to interrupt. I was waiting to see Mr. Kinn’s hotness. I wanted to see what it’d be like.” (Porsche to Kinn – Ep. 1×06)
  • “Can I take care of both you and Kinn? I can’t leave anyone behind.” (Porsche to Chay – Ep. 1×11)
  • “I’m not on the main family’s side. And I’m not on the minor family’s side either. I’m on your side. My life is all yours.” (Porsche to Kinn – Ep. 1×14)


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