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Loki: I promise you from my heart this isn't about a throne.

Sylvie: What was I thinking trusting you? Has this whole thing been a con?

Loki: Really? That's what you think of me... after all this time? Sure. Why not? Evil Loki's master plan comes together. Well, you never trusted me, did you? What was the point? Can't you see? This is bigger than our experience.

Sylvie: Why aren't we seeing this the same way?

Loki: Because you can't trust... and I can't be trusted.

Loki: What will you do when this is all over?

Sylvie: I don't know.

Loki: I don't know either. Maybe... Maybe we could figure it out... together.

Sylvie: Maybe.

Sylvie: Do you think that what makes a Loki a Loki is the fact that we're destined to lose?

Loki: No. We may lose. Sometimes painfully. But we don't die. We survive.

Loki: Love is a dagger. (makes a dagger appear) It's a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it. It's beautiful. Until it makes you bleed. But ultimately, when you reach for it... (the dagger disappears)

Sylvie: It isn't real. Love is an imaginary dagger.

Loki: Doesn't make sense, does it?

Sylvie: No. Terrible metaphor.

Loki: Damn. I thought I had something there.

Sylvie: Love is mischief, then.

Loki: No. Love is... uh, something I might have to have another drink to think about.

Sylvie: How about you? You're a prince. There must've been would-be-princesses or perhaps, another prince.

Loki: A bit of both. I suspect the same as you. But, nothing ever...

Sylvie: Real.

Loki: A pity the old woman chose to die, don't you think?

Sylvie: She was in love.

Loki: She hated him.

Sylvie: Maybe love is hate.

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