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Loki: Miss Minutes is sabotaging everything, slowing us down.

Mobius: What?

O.B.: I could take her offline if I reboot the system.

Mobius: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Reboot the system.

O.B.: But we'll lose the entire safety system.

Mobius: So what? What are we gonna lose?

O.B.: The security protocols will go down.

Mobius: Like what?

O.B.: Like the dampeners that prevent people from using magic at the TVA. We would have to turn that off too.

Loki and Sylvie: Turn it off!

(TemPads stop working, O.B. borrows Mobius's TemPad to see if it is malfunctioning too...)

O.B.: So strange. All your files are being corrupted in real time. Did you download unauthorized games again?

Mobius: No. I'm not gonna make that mistake twice.

B-15: Hey, O.B., this is Casey. I thought he could help.

O.B.: We're all gonna die!

B-15: O.B.?

O.B.: We're all gonna die! (to Casey as he shakes his hand): Oh. Hey, nice to meet you. We're all gonna die.

O.B.: When something is pruned, it's released from time, so the hope is that after you prune yourself, the Extractor will pull you into the present.

Loki: Of course. Yeah. Um... and then if it doesn't do that?

O.B.: Have you heard about how if you fall into a black hole you turn into spaghetti?

Loki: No.

O.B.: Good. The less you know about that, the better.

O.B.: But it could be dangerous.

Mobius: How dangerous?

O.B.: Oh, not too bad if you're quick about it.

Mobius: Gotta be quick about it.

O.B.: If you spend too long in it, that kinda temporal energy will peel the skin right off you.

Mobius: Wait, I thought you said "not too bad" and now you're talking about me getting my skin peeled off of me.

O.B.: Oh, not too bad compared to what Loki has to do.

Mobius: Why, what's Loki gotta do?

Loki: Violently rip myself from every thread of time and space? All at once?

O.B.: That means prune yourself.

(Loki disappears...)

Mobius: That! That's what's been happening.

O.B.: Wow. Time slipping.

Mobius: What, you... Time... You know that?

O.B.: Yeah.

Mobius: You've seen that?

O.B.: Yeah.

Mobius: Can you fix that?

O.B.: No. It's impossible to time slip in the TVA.

Mobius: I know, but we just saw it happen.

O.B.: Yeah. I'm having trouble reconciling that.

O.B.: Remember, you got off on the wrong floor and I told you it was the wrong floor...

Mobius: Wait, that's right! Yes! Because then I stayed for a little bit. He took me over...

O.B.: No, you left immediately.

Mobius: Well, I'm back.

O.B.: Yes, you are. Believe it or not, he was my last visitor.

Loki: Wow. Reunited. Four hundred years.

Mobius: Yeah. That's right. Yeah. Hey, how are the other guys doin'?

O.B.: What other guys?

Loki: What other guys?

Mobius: It's just O.B.

Loki: It's just O.B.

Mobius: Yeah. O.B.

O.B. is a character from the MCU

Marvel Quotes

Marvel Quotes

You can find O.B. in the series Loki (2021).

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