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Mobius: What were you calling me?

Loki: Mobius.

Mobius: It's a pretty cool name.


Mobius (to Casey): How you doing? I'm Don. I guess Mobius is my space name.

Loki: Miss Minutes is sabotaging everything, slowing us down.

Mobius: What?

O.B.: I could take her offline if I reboot the system.

Mobius: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Reboot the system.

O.B.: But we'll lose the entire safety system.

Mobius: So what? What are we gonna lose?

O.B.: The security protocols will go down.

Mobius: Like what?

O.B.: Like the dampeners that prevent people from using magic at the TVA. We would have to turn that off too.

Loki and Sylvie: Turn it off!

(TemPads stop working, O.B. borrows Mobius's TemPad to see if it is malfunctioning too...)

O.B.: So strange. All your files are being corrupted in real time. Did you download unauthorized games again?

Mobius: No. I'm not gonna make that mistake twice.

Renslayer: After all the times I put the TVA above myself, even at the cost of my own happiness, my humanity. Who are you to lecture me about losing my way?

Mobius: Look. We've all lost our way, but someone has to keep track of the big picture here.

Renslayer: You have no idea what it takes to lead, to act, to keep order. Did you happen to notice the second I left, everything crumbled? I am the only one who can bring stability to the TVA because that's what I've been doing, thanklessly, for eons. When will you learn that none of your words mean a thing? All that matters is order versus chaos. I'm order.

Mobius: The Cracker Jack concession stand is a high-traffic area. It was necessary and logical to go there.

Loki: Sure.

Mobius: The fact that it's tasty is a bonus. You wouldn't know, because you haven't tried yours.

Loki: Okay. (eats one piece) It tastes like ash.

(Mobius and X-5 are watching Loki talking with Sylvie outside...)

X-5: What is happening right now? They're going over every detail of their relationship that's ever happened.

Mobius: Look. It's a complicated relationship, okay? There's a lot to unpack when you're basically in a relationship with yourself. They say opposites attract. No.

X-5: What is this? God, it's weird.

Loki: Don't you want to see the life you were supposed to live before they kidnapped you and brought you into the TVA?

Mobius: Not really.

Loki: Why?

Mobius: Because it's not my life.

Loki: But it could have been.

Mobius: It isn't. This is. I'd like to thank the guy who kidnapped me and brought me here. Got me this pie.

Loki: If you never look, you'll never know.

Mobius: The TVA is the only life I've ever known. I like it.

Loki: Look, I understand that. I get it, you know, you might think twice in case... it's something bad and you...

Mobius: Or something good. Something bad, I can handle. What if it's something good? Do you think I wanna have that rattling around in here? (points at his head) Of course not.

Mobius: Listen. That wasn't tactical. I lost it.

Loki: It's okay. Look, it happens. You know, sometimes a rage builds up and you just gotta... let it out. Do you remember that time I was so angry with my father and my brother, I went down to Earth and I held the whole of New York City hostage with an alien army? Tried to use the Mind Stone on Tony Stark. It didn't work, so I threw him off the building. I mean, let me tell you something. Wasn't tactical.

Mobius: Yeah.

Loki: I lost it. Sometimes our emotions get the better of us.

Mobius: You can say that again.

X-5: You quit with the magic and fight fair.

Loki: It's not a fair fight.

X-5: I didn't do anything wrong.

Mobius: Yeah, but why'd you run? A little over the top, don't you think, all the shadow play?

Loki: I thought it was spot on.

O.B.: Hey, Loki's back. Well, I guess you two are ready to go.

Mobius: Wait, hold it, am I ready to get my skin peeled off? I don't know.

Loki: Am I ready to violently rip myself from every thread of time and space?

Mobius: I'd rather have that.

Loki: What? You'd rather be atomically disassembled and never reassembled again?

Mobius: Than have your skin ripped off?

Loki: At least you get to live.

Mobius: Live? What's the quality of life with no skin?

Loki: There has to be another way.

O.B.: But it could be dangerous.

Mobius: How dangerous?

O.B.: Oh, not too bad if you're quick about it.

Mobius: Gotta be quick about it.

O.B.: If you spend too long in it, that kinda temporal energy will peel the skin right off you.

Mobius: Wait, I thought you said "not too bad" and now you're talking about me getting my skin peeled off of me.

O.B.: Oh, not too bad compared to what Loki has to do.

Mobius: Why, what's Loki gotta do?

Loki: Violently rip myself from every thread of time and space? All at once?

O.B.: That means prune yourself.

(Loki disappears...)

Mobius: That! That's what's been happening.

O.B.: Wow. Time slipping.

Mobius: What, you... Time... You know that?

O.B.: Yeah.

Mobius: You've seen that?

O.B.: Yeah.

Mobius: Can you fix that?

O.B.: No. It's impossible to time slip in the TVA.

Mobius: I know, but we just saw it happen.

O.B.: Yeah. I'm having trouble reconciling that.

O.B.: Remember, you got off on the wrong floor and I told you it was the wrong floor...

Mobius: Wait, that's right! Yes! Because then I stayed for a little bit. He took me over...

O.B.: No, you left immediately.

Mobius: Well, I'm back.

O.B.: Yes, you are. Believe it or not, he was my last visitor.

Loki: Wow. Reunited. Four hundred years.

Mobius: Yeah. That's right. Yeah. Hey, how are the other guys doin'?

O.B.: What other guys?

Loki: What other guys?

Mobius: It's just O.B.

Loki: It's just O.B.

Mobius: Yeah. O.B.

Mobius: Wait, that's who you said had my memory wiped?

Loki: Yes. He Who Remains.

Mobius: Is that what you're calling him, or that's his name?

Loki: That's how he was introduced.

Mobius: That's arrogant. It's like calling yourself "Last Man Standing."

Loki: Is it arrogant if you can back it up?

Mobius: Can he back it up?

Loki: Yeah.

Mobius: That's scary.

Loki: Imagine a million of them.

Mobius: I'd rather not.

Mobius: You just disappeared. I can't keep looking at it 'cause it's horrible.

Loki: What? I thought you said it didn't look that bad.

Mobius: I was lying. It's terrible, looks like you're being born or dying or both at the same time. It's freaking me out.

Loki: It's okay. It's okay.

Mobius: It looks really painful.

Loki: It's not that bad. I can handle it.

Mobius: Come on. How does it look?

(Mobius is asking another TVA worker, she just gulps nervously)

Mobius M. Mobius is a character from the MCU

Marvel Quotes

Marvel Quotes

You can find Mobius in the series Loki (2021).


Mobius M. Mobius works at TVA (The Time Variance Authority), where he meets Loki, who soon becomes his best friend.


Mobius is played by the actor Owen Wilson.

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