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Fives: There's a lot you don't know about clones. No one knows.

Cab driver: Ooh, very mysterious, eh? I like a good mystery.

Fives: Yeah? You ever hear the one about the people engineered to kill, engineered to kill their best friends, their leaders, and they don't even know it?

Cab driver: I'm a cab driver, pal. I hear stories like that all the time.

Fives: He has a name. No clone uses their number. Not anymore.

AZ: But you are a number, CT-5555.

Fives: No, I am Fives. Call me Fives.

AZ: But five is a number.

Fives: No, not five. Fives.

AZ: Oh... The difference is minimal.

Fives: Not to me. And not to any clone.

Fives: Eh, you're just a droid. You don't know about real duty, about what it's like to have a brother.

AZ: I am sorry. I always wanted to have human feelings, but I do not. Goodbye.

Fives: If the Umbarans get to him, he'll turn over all our intel. The defense codes, everything. He'll strike a crippling blow to the Republic.

Jesse: Something has to be done. We can't risk the possibility that he might escape.

Tup: As long as Krell's alive, he's a threat to every one of us.

Captain Rex: I agree.

Jesse: Never thought we'd go out this way.

Dogma: Aim.

Fives: Wait! This is wrong and we all know it! The general is making a mistake, and he needs to be called on it. No clone should have to go out this way! We're loyal soldiers! We follow orders, but we are not a bunch of unthinking droids! We are men! We must be trusted to make the right decisions! Especially when the orders we are given are wrong!

Dogma: Fire!

(The Clones intentionally miss)

Dogma: What... What happened?

(The Clones drop their blasters)

Captain Rex: They're doing the right thing, Dogma. Because if this is how soldiers are rewarded for heroic actions, then one day, every man in this battalion may face a similar fate. Take off their binders.

Dogma: No! We have orders! We have to go through with this!

Captain Rex: Good luck finding anyone to do it.

Captain Rex: All right, you heard the General. Let's go.

Jesse: You can't be serious.

Fives: I used to think General Krell was reckless, but now I'm beginning to think he just hates clones.

Captain Rex: We're soldiers. We have a duty to follow orders and, if we must, lay down our lives for victory.

Fives: You believe that, or is that what you were engineered to think?

Captain Rex: I honor my code. That's what I believe.

Captain Rex: A few of General Skywalker's plans seemed reckless, too, but they worked.

Fives: Yeah, but General Skywalker is usually leading his men up in the front not bringing up the rear like General Krell.

Fives: General Krell, in case you haven't noticed, Captain Rex just saved this platoon. Surely you won't fail to recognize that.

General Krell: ARC-5555, stand down. (activates his lightsaber)

Fives: Sir. Yes, sir.

Captain Rex: Sir, if I may address your accusation, I followed your orders. Even in the face of a plan, that was, in my opinion, severely flawed. A plan that cost us men. (takes off his helmet) Not clones! Men! As sure as it is my duty to remain loyal to your command, I also have another duty. To protect those men.

General Krell: You have a spark of tenacity, Captain. I'll give you that. I know that I don't command like the Jedi you're used to serving, certainly not like General Skywalker, but I have my way. It may be difficult, but these are difficult times. And it's proven effective. And I suppose your loyalty to your men is to be commended. They seem to admire this. That's important to an effective commander. All right, Captain Rex, your opinion has been noted. Dismissed.

Fives: I think he almost complimented you.

Captain Rex (sighs): It's hard to tell.

Commander Cody: Echo, Fives. You both really stepped up in the heat of battle.

Echo: We did what we had to do, sir.

Fives: What any clone would've done.

Captain Rex: Both of you showed valor out there, real courage. Reminded me of me, actually.

Commander Cody: Echo, Fives, you're both officially being made ARC Troopers.

Captain Rex: I don't think the Separatists will be coming back here anytime soon. But if they do, Kamino will be lucky to have clones like you defending it. Good job, men.

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