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Cal Kestis (about Greez and Merrin): I'll scout ahead and they can rest on the Mantis.

Cere Junda: You know they'll never allow themselves to rest if you're in danger.

BD-1: Boop.

Cere Junda: You never give up. And that's what inspires all of us. But you have to remember that where you lead, they will follow.

(Bode gives Cal a blaster...)

Cal Kestis: My master always frowned upon using blasters.

Merrin: You once said it wasn't the weapon that makes you a Jedi.

BD-1: Boop beep.

Bode Akuna: It's us against the galaxy, Cal. We've got to use every advantage we can find against the Empire.

Eno Cordova (to Cal): You have demonstrated great bravery and wisdom in the face of overwhelming adversity. (to BD): You chose well.

BD-1 (excitingly): Beep boop.

Eno Cordova: Well, I wouldn't go that far.

Cal Kestis: Everything I'm doing feels pointless. The Empire's only growing stronger.

BD-1 (sad): Woooo.

Cal Kestis: Things, uh, haven't been the same since the team split up.

(Cal arrives at the Greez's saloon...)

Greez Dritus (to Monk): The Bedlam Raiders are gonna be the end of this town! We got no hope! Zero! Zilch! Nothing! How you doing BD?

BD-1 (excited): Beep!

Greez Dritus: Wait a minute. Cal! Cal Kestis, get over here you son of a bogling! Oh, it's been a while, I missed ya kid!

Cal Kestis: Hey.

Greez Dritus: Lemme look at'cha. Ya look terrible.

Cal Kestis: Yeah it's good to see you too, Greez.

(Flashback through BD's recording...)

Merrin: The galaxy is vast, droid. And I have seen only a little of what it has to offer. But one day, I will return to Dathomir, and whisper what I have learned to my sleeping sisters.

BD-1: Whoop.

Merrin: You are not invited.

BD-1 (sad): Beep.

Gabs: I'll work my slicer magic.

BD-1: Beep!

Gabs: With my lovely assistant.

BD-1 (happy jumps): Boop!

Bode Akuna: So, I heard you fought the Empire on Kashyyyk.

Cal Kestis: Yeah.

Bode Akuna: Hijacked a Walker and broke open an Imperial prison camp single-handed.

BD-1: Beep-boop!

Cal Kestis: That one was BD.

BD-1: Beep.

Bode Akuna: Just the two of you.

Cal Kestis: And some friends.

Merrin: I was only a child when they attacked. An armored warrior brandishing this... Descended upon us... And cut down my people. My sisters. Until I was left alone. With the dead. Then Malicos came. And promised me revenge. If I shared our secrets with him in return.

BD-1: Whoo-whooooo.

Cal Kestis: I know what it's like to lose everything. And Malicos was wrong to use that against you. We don't have to be enemies.

(Merrin gives Cal back his lightsaber)

Merrin: You will need this.

(Merrin disappears...)

Cal Kestis: There she goes again.

BD-1: Boop woooo bop!

Cal Kestis: Jedi can't pick any kyber crystal. It chooses you.

BD-1: Boo beep?

Cal Kestis: Yeah, kinda like you.

(Awkward lunch at the ship... Greez is putting salt-like spice in his food, distracted by the dialogue he keeps at it for some time...)

Cere Junda: Cal, when I was captured by the Empire... I resisted. I swore to myself that I would die before I would talk. But then this... Dark shadow came. And he was worse than any... nightmare I could have imagined. And I still fought. But in the end I came apart. And I gave them Trilla. And I know there's nothing I can do to make that right. But Cal, there's still a chance we can save the others on the holocron.

Cal Kestis: Okay, look. The Ninth Sister said something about becoming an Inquisitor, like... Like it's inevitable. But you went through the same thing she did. And you didn't join them.

Cere Junda: Cal...

Cal Kestis: It's okay, Cere.

(BD notices what Greez's been doing the whole time and scans his food...)

Greez Dritus: Hey! Get your lasers off my lunch!

BD-1: Trill!

Cal Kestis: I think we're getting close.

BD-1: Boo? Bee boo trill?

Cal Kestis: I noticed it earlier, this feeling in the pit of my stomach. At first I thought it was Greez's cooking.

BD-1 (laughs): Bee!

Cal Kestis: You, uh, know any jokes, BD?

BD-1: Be-beep! Boo bee trill beep boo?

Cal Kestis: I don't know. Why?

BD-1: Boo trill bee boop!

Cal Kestis: Ha! Classic.

Cal Kestis: A shortcut? That's why you wanted to move this thing.

BD-1: Beeeeep... Booop...

Cal Kestis: You had no idea that was there, did you? You just wanted to turn that cutter on.

BD-1: Beep-beep!

BD-1 is a character from Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Quotes

You can find BD-1 in the games Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.


BD-1 is a BD droid originally owned by Jedi master Eno Cordova. BD-1 joins Cal Kestis on his adventures with a mission to rebuild the Jedi Order.


BD-1 is voiced by the actor Ben Burtt.

Above you’ll find the best quotes, dialogues and reactions by BD-1 in a funny twist to the usual quotes. The quotes there are sorted from the latest added.

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