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Greez Dritus: This isn't good. With the defenses they got our usual tricks just aren't gonna cut it.

Merrin: I can help.

Cere Junda: What are you thinking?

Merrin: A ritual. It will hide the ship. I hope.

Greez Dritus: A ritual.

Cal Kestis: She has a knack for this kind of stuff.

Greez Dritus: Wha- hold, wait, wait a minute. Now, hold on. Now... what is this gonna require?

Merrin: A sacrifice. One of your arms will do nicely.

Greez Dritus: Wait, what?

Merrin: Don't be so serious.

Cere Junda: I'm responsible for the path that Trilla is on. And what she does next is the cost of all of my mistakes.

Cal Kestis: Our mistakes... Are in the past. And it's all of our responsibility and it's about what we do next that's important. You taught me that, Cere.

Cere Junda: You did it.

Cal Kestis: We did. I wouldn't be here without all of you. I used to sit on Bracca dreaming about storming Coruscant with survivors from the Jedi Council. Instead, the Order's hopes rest on a gambler, a fallen Jedi, and a failed Padawan. A bunch of screw ups.

Greez Dritus: You can say that again!

Cal Kestis: BD's the only reliable one. He let Cordova wipe his memories so he could stay behind and guide us. But you're both willing to sacrifice everyhing; to keep going even when it seeems impossible.

Cere Junda: Failure's a part of the journey.

Cal Kestis: I get that now. Thank you. All of you.

Cere Junda: Every Jedi faces the dark side. And it's very easy to fail.

Cal Kestis: You're still struggling with the dark side. Even after cutting yourself off from the Force.

Cere Junda: We will always struggle. But that is the test. It's the choice to keep fighting that makes us who we are.

(Cere gives Cal her lightsaber)

Cal Kestis: I guess it's about time I find out who I am.

(Awkward lunch at the ship... Greez is putting salt-like spice in his food, distracted by the dialogue he keeps at it for some time...)

Cere Junda: Cal, when I was captured by the Empire... I resisted. I swore to myself that I would die before I would talk. But then this... Dark shadow came. And he was worse than any... nightmare I could have imagined. And I still fought. But in the end I came apart. And I gave them Trilla. And I know there's nothing I can do to make that right. But Cal, there's still a chance we can save the others on the holocron.

Cal Kestis: Okay, look. The Ninth Sister said something about becoming an Inquisitor, like... Like it's inevitable. But you went through the same thing she did. And you didn't join them.

Cere Junda: Cal...

Cal Kestis: It's okay, Cere.

(BD notices what Greez's been doing the whole time and scans his food...)

Greez Dritus: Hey! Get your lasers off my lunch!

BD-1: Trill!

Cal Kestis: How come you're no longer a Jedi?

Cere Junda: I had an experience that... Changed my perspective. So I... Cut myself off from the Force.

Cal Kestis: But you still want to rebuild the Order?

Cere Junda: I believe that rebuilding the Order is the best chance we have against the Empire. What do you believe?

Cal Kestis: I believe I can't keep hiding from the Empire, so I don't really have a choice.

Cere Junda: Cal, as long as you're alive you will always have a choice. Are you with us?

Cal Kestis: We're in.

BD-1: Twee dee doo!

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