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(Cal takes form of Santari...)

Cal (as Santari Khri): The shuttles are leaving. I will not return. You're lost. You've strayed from the path. And you are no Jedi.

Dagan Gera: You! (Cal turns back to himself) You! Tanalorr! Is!

(Cal and Bode defeat Dagan)

Bode Akuna: Please. Tell me this is real. What happened?

Cal Kestis: Some kind of Force hallucination. Fueled by fear. I used his against him.

Dagan Gera (to Cal): I feel it! Loss. Suffering! Shame. Anger. There is immense power in such emotions but you were too weak! And now it's too late!

Dagan Gera (to Cal): You're still chained by the past. It will be your grave.

Dagan Gera: Why are you here when your true enemy is out there? (picks up a stormtrooper helmet) How could you let the galaxy fall to this unworthy machine of an Empire? You think yourself a survivor but you are a failure!

Cal Kestis: They haven't beaten us. Not yet.

Dagan Gera: Now who is blinded by the past? Within the Abyss the Empire cannot reach us. I will forge these raiders into an elite army led by disciples trained in the Force at my temple. Then when the time is right I will strike out and cleanse this galaxy with fire.

Bode Akuna: We've already got an Emperor.

Dagan Gera: She's gone. Rayvis is gone. The Order is gone and I am free!

Cal Kestis: You're not free, Dagan. You're alone.

Dagan Gera: The past is a chain. I must sever it completely!

Rayvis: The galaxy has changed. There are many wars, but little honor to be won from them.

Dagan Gera: Once we are on Tanalorr, perhaps we can dream up a new war, you and I.

Rayvis (about Cal): He escaped.

Dagan Gera: All those years of incarceration dull your edge?

Rayvis: Sharp enough to see the Jedi might be your equal.

Dagan Gera: Say it again and I'll cut out your tongue.

Rayvis: It'll grow back.

Dagan Gera: Welcome to Tanalorr.

Santari Khri: It's beautiful! Remind me not to let you name the next world we discover.

Dagan Gera: Give it time. You didn't like me much at first either.

Santari Khri: Jury's still out.

Dagan Gera: The Order is gone. I was betrayed by the one I trusted most. I will not be imprisoned again.

Dagan Gera is a character from Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Quotes

You can find Dagan Gera in the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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