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Merrin: The next generation of Jedi...

Greez Dritus: The Empire will be after 'em. Just like they're after us.

Cere Junda: The lives of every child on that list will be forever changed.

Cal Kestis: Not by us. Their destiny should be trusted to the Force. (destroys the holocron) So where to now?

Darth Vader (to Cal): You would be wise to surrender.

Cal Kestis: Yeah... Probably.

Darth Vader: You have failed me, Inquisitor.

Trilla Suduri (to Cere): Avenge us.

(Vader kills Trilla)

Cere Junda: Cal, run!

(Cere charges against Vader, but gets thrown of the ledge...)

Cal Kestis: No! Cere...

Greez Dritus: This isn't good. With the defenses they got our usual tricks just aren't gonna cut it.

Merrin: I can help.

Cere Junda: What are you thinking?

Merrin: A ritual. It will hide the ship. I hope.

Greez Dritus: A ritual.

Cal Kestis: She has a knack for this kind of stuff.

Greez Dritus: Wha- hold, wait, wait a minute. Now, hold on. Now... what is this gonna require?

Merrin: A sacrifice. One of your arms will do nicely.

Greez Dritus: Wait, what?

Merrin: Don't be so serious.

Cere Junda: I'm responsible for the path that Trilla is on. And what she does next is the cost of all of my mistakes.

Cal Kestis: Our mistakes... Are in the past. And it's all of our responsibility and it's about what we do next that's important. You taught me that, Cere.

Cal Kestis: After the Purge... I was alone for a... a long time. In hiding, I was... I was scared that they'd find out who I was or... What I was.

Merrin: What changed?

Cal Kestis: A very good friend of mine told me to go out and find my place in the galaxy.

Merrin: And you listened.

Cal Kestis: Well, no, but... Life has this funny way of forcing you on the path forward anyway. Now here I am. Where I least expected.

Merrin: A path forward.

Cal Kestis: Thank you for helping me with Malicos. Thought I was a goner for a minute.

Merrin: Yes, you would have died.

Cal Kestis: Right...

Merrin: I am glad you didn't. It is nice to have an ally.

Cal Kestis: Yeah, I like the sound of that.

Merrin: You're welcome, Cal.

Taron Malicos (to Cal): Die, welp!

(Malicos is about to drop a big stone on Cal, but Merrin makes it disappear...)

Merrin (to Malicos): You have no right to Dathomir. No right to our magick. (to Cal): Get up, Cal Kestis. You're not dead yet.

(Merrin and Cal fight Malicos together... When Cal disarms him, Merrin uses her magick...)

Taron Malicos: What is this?

Merrin: It's like you said, Malicos. Dathomir will be your grave. (Merrin makes the ground swallow up Malicos) Let him lie in the dark with his secrets. Until death takes him.

Cal Kestis: I'm not interested in power. I want to restore the Order.

Taron Malicos: Restore the Jedi Order? Oh, you poor fool. It's over! Jedi fell long before the Purge. Stifled by tradition. Deafened by our past glories. Blinded by endless war.

Cal Kestis: Maybe. But it's never over, Malicos. We stand here now with a chance to learn. To rebuild from our mistakes.

Taron Malicos: Jedi learn? There's no future for them. How can you not see that? It's time for something new. You and me. We could build something different. Something better.

Cal Kestis: No.

Taron Malicos: Then Dathomir will be your grave.

Merrin: I was only a child when they attacked. An armored warrior brandishing this... Descended upon us... And cut down my people. My sisters. Until I was left alone. With the dead. Then Malicos came. And promised me revenge. If I shared our secrets with him in return.

BD-1: Whoo-whooooo.

Cal Kestis: I know what it's like to lose everything. And Malicos was wrong to use that against you. We don't have to be enemies.

(Merrin gives Cal back his lightsaber)

Merrin: You will need this.

(Merrin disappears...)

Cal Kestis: There she goes again.

BD-1: Boop woooo bop!

(Cal's vision)

Jaro Tapal: Is power the answer?

Cal Kestis: No. Master. I will never forget. The loss has become a part of me. I will honor your teaching. And your sacrifice.

Jaro Tapal: Remember. Persistence reveals the path.

Cere Junda: You did it.

Cal Kestis: We did. I wouldn't be here without all of you. I used to sit on Bracca dreaming about storming Coruscant with survivors from the Jedi Council. Instead, the Order's hopes rest on a gambler, a fallen Jedi, and a failed Padawan. A bunch of screw ups.

Greez Dritus: You can say that again!

Cal Kestis: BD's the only reliable one. He let Cordova wipe his memories so he could stay behind and guide us. But you're both willing to sacrifice everyhing; to keep going even when it seeems impossible.

Cere Junda: Failure's a part of the journey.

Cal Kestis: I get that now. Thank you. All of you.

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