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‘Home’ is the 12th episode of season 1. (s01e12)

If you’re in need of refreshing your memory before jumping in the quotes, here is a short summary of the plot.


Plot summary

Frank makes a damning confession. A shootout leaves Sarah wondering what to believe. Rawlins goes in for the kill, once and for all. (IMDb)


Top 10 ‘The Punisher’ Quotes from 1×12

Quote from The Punisher 1x12 - Billy Russo (to Frank): God damn, Frankie. I love to watch you work.

Sorted chronologically as the quotes appear in the episode.

  1. Dinah Madani: You don’t believe in justice?
    David Lieberman: No, I did. I did. You were it. You and the system. I’ve learned different.
    Dinah Madani: Good men have died trying to expose this thing. They believed.
    David Lieberman: Well, I believe the only way to get these assholes is to become like them.
    Dinah Madani: No, I don’t believe that.
    David Lieberman: You will. In the end. 
  2. Frank Castle: It was always just the clothes and cars and women with you. It’s the only thing that ever mattered.
    Billy Russo: It’s what those things represent, Frank.
    Frank Castle: What’s that?
    Billy Russo: How far I’ve come. It’s about… who I see when I look in the mirror. I know who you see. You see a man who lost. Lost his family, lost his faith. About to lose his life. That ain’t never gonna be me.
    Frank Castle: No? You’re wrong, Bill. You already lost. You lost your honor. The second you took that money from Rawlins… you became everything you hate. 
  3. Billy Russo (to Frank): Who are you protecting? Hmm? Maria? The kids? They’re gone. Gunner, Lieberman… There’s nobody left. They’re dead. They’re all dead because of you. I get it. I get it. That’s a… a heavy, heavy burden. It’s time to put it down. You’re a revenant. Walking the earth, completely unaware that you’re already dead. 
  4. Maria Castle: This is the hardest part. You’re back but you’re not really here. More and more of you stays there. Where’s home, Frank?
    Frank Castle: Stop it. I’m just…
    Maria Castle: Is it here or is it there? I wanna hear you say it.
    Frank Castle: It’s here. It’s with you, always. You know that.
    Maria Castle: I don’t know that. 
  5. William Rawlins (to Frank): You are nothing but a grunt! You do not get to take me down. You are gonna beg to me. Blood loss is gonna make you weak. You’re gonna slip in and out of shock. You will know pain and fear. Fear, Frank. Your ribs must be cracked. I’m gonna take all the breath out of your lungs, out of your lungs, until you can barely whisper and the last word out of your mouth is gonna be, “Please… Please… Please…”
  6. Quote from The Punisher 1x12 - William Rawlins (to Billy): Men like me make the plans. Men like you shed the blood.
    William Rawlins (to Billy):
    Men like me make the plans. Men like you shed the blood. 
  7. William Rawlins (to Frank): You’re a dead man, your heart just doesn’t know it yet.
    Frank Castle: I am home. You’re wrong. I’m a reminder. Die!
  8. Billy Russo (to Frank): God damn, Frankie. I love to watch you work. 
  9. Frank Castle: I wish… I wish I could see your face…
    Billy Russo: What are you talking about?
    Frank Castle: When you realize…
    Billy Russo: Realize what, Frankie?
    Frank Castle: That you’re done. You lost everything. Everything you give a shit about is gone. Gone.
    Billy Russo: This isn’t my gun, Frank. I was never here. (Police gets there) 
  10. David Lieberman: Hey! Hey! Look at me. Hey, Frank! Hey! I betrayed you, okay? Listen to me, I betrayed you. I brought them here. I brought them here, okay? Call me a piece of shit. Come on. Call me an asshole. Come on. Call me a son of a bitch. Come on. Come on! Call me a piece of shit! Let’s go! My friend is dying… Come on, please, please. Please, please. (Frank opens his eyes) There you go. Yes! Yeah, that’s right, you scary, beautiful man! That’s right! Yeah. I got you. I got you.
    Frank Castle: Home.


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