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Frank Castle: I think about those women, you know? What were their faces like, you know? What were they thinking about when my bullets, my bullsh*t, when it... ripped right through them and ended everything they had...

Karen Page: Frank, no, you didn't know. You didn't know they were there.

Frank Castle: It's not that I didn't know. I didn't care. I didn't care. Right then, I would've killed anything that got in my way. You know what that means, right? Now I'm the monster. Yeah. If any of those pieces of sh*t that I killed, if they deserved to die... so do I.

Krista Dumont: I know how to break Castle.

Billy Russo: Tell me.

Krista Dumont: Take away the one thing he has left. The idea that he is somehow better than you.

Krista Dumont: Do you know anyone who is really happy?

Dinah Madani: Isn't that what keeps you in business?

Krista Dumont: It's not in our natures. Take the prettiest girl, and she'll say she's too short. Or... the best-looking guy, and he'll say he's too skinny. A genius worries about his physique. A priest questions his faith. A soldier doubts his courage. I think if there is a hell, that's what it would be... an eternity spent facing our own failings. "We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell." And so you force yourself to do a job that is incompatible with your feelings. Billy Russo chases power because he fears that he is worthless and unlovable. Frank Castle, he does terrible things, but he still wants to believe he is good.

Dinah Madani: So what's yours? What's your hell?

Krista Dumont: I believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that... one day I will free one of you from yours.

Frank Castle: You're the only one that's different, Curtis. All that time we spent training to kill people, you were trained to put 'em back together. You know, help 'em, heal 'em. Me and Bill, not so much.

Curtis Hoyle: Hey, hey, cut it out. Stop that. You're nothing alike. He was lying the whole time. And maybe he didn't know it himself, but he was something else, something empty. That right there, that's the difference, Frank. You give a sh*t about people. He doesn't.

Frank Castle: You know, I remember... I remember killing every one of 'em, Curtis. You know, just... They're dead. Sometimes, I think that's all I got. Just me and the ghosts.

Frank Castle: I'm not the one that dies, kid. I'm the one that does the killing. The thing is, every time I try to be someone different, that's when the wrong people get hurt.

Amy Bendix: This is such a total flustercluck.

Frank Castle: Sh*t. (laughs) Yeah. "Flustercluck." Yes, it is, kid. Yes, it is.

Dinah Madani: Castle is the reason that... that Billy can't remember.

Krista Dumont: Castle sounds even worse than Russo.

Dinah Madani: No. No, Castle's a whole other thing. You know what? The truth is I'm jealous of them both. Neither of them give a sh*t. Absolute purity of purpose.

Krista Dumont: You know them both well.

Dinah Madani: Oh, yeah, I've got a real insight. Maybe if you did, you'd be drinking, too.

Dinah Madani: You sold out everything you ever stood for, anyone you ever cared about, and you did it for money and status. Left Frank for dead, covered in the blood of his wife and children. That's who you are.

Billy Russo: No. No...

Dinah Madani: Yeah. And when he found out, he came after you and he made you pay. Now, look me in the eye and tell me something. Am I lying? Frank wanted you to live with it on your face every day. He put all that ugly on the outside where it belongs. And maybe you should just do us all a favor and shoot yourself. Get it over with. Because Frank will come after you, and... he will finish the job.

Amy Bendix: He nearly shot me 'cause he cares about me? Yeah, that's the Frank I know. Very touchy-feely.

Curtis Hoyle: Well, I've known Frank for a long time, and there's one thing for sure, he cares about you.

Amy Bendix: Yeah, right.

Curtis Hoyle: He's not like most people. He doesn't want to feel for you, because he's scared of getting hurt. And he'd rather stay mad at the world than risk being a part of it.

Billy Russo: I am talking about an army, not a gang! I am talking about a brotherhood. I am talking about not taking any more sh*t! From anyone! Enough of us... fighting for each other... we could be gods.

Dinah Madani (to Mahoney): Let's just say I used to be just like you. You know, I thought all we had to do was... follow the rules, tell the truth, and justice would be served. I learned different. Sometimes, maybe, someone like Castle is the nearest to justice we can get.

Curtis Hoyle: You see, here's the thing, Frank... You keep telling people to stay out of it, but they care about you, whether you like it or not. And I wasn't about to see you die.

Billy Russo: You did this to me, Frank? I said... did you do this to me?

Frank Castle: You're goddamn right I did!

One of Billy's men: Why did you choose a blue luchador mask?

Other one: Latex allergy, asshole.