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Frank Castle: You're the only one that's different, Curtis. All that time we spent training to kill people, you were trained to put 'em back together. You know, help 'em, heal 'em. Me and Bill, not so much.

Curtis Hoyle: Hey, hey, cut it out. Stop that. You're nothing alike. He was lying the whole time. And maybe he didn't know it himself, but he was something else, something empty. That right there, that's the difference, Frank. You give a sh*t about people. He doesn't.

Frank Castle: You know, I remember... I remember killing every one of 'em, Curtis. You know, just... They're dead. Sometimes, I think that's all I got. Just me and the ghosts.

Amy Bendix: He nearly shot me 'cause he cares about me? Yeah, that's the Frank I know. Very touchy-feely.

Curtis Hoyle: Well, I've known Frank for a long time, and there's one thing for sure, he cares about you.

Amy Bendix: Yeah, right.

Curtis Hoyle: He's not like most people. He doesn't want to feel for you, because he's scared of getting hurt. And he'd rather stay mad at the world than risk being a part of it.

Curtis Hoyle: You see, here's the thing, Frank... You keep telling people to stay out of it, but they care about you, whether you like it or not. And I wasn't about to see you die.

Curtis Hoyle (to Frank): You see, I figured it's easy not giving a sh*t. Not caring about anybody, running from all sorts of feelings, worrying about nobody but yourself. Sounds miserable as hell, but easy, I guess. But, Frank, I want a real life. A life that doesn't include me pulling guard duty in my own apartment.

Curtis Hoyle (to Frank): His wires are definitely screwed. I mean, he thought we were all in the service. Talked about you like a brother. See, whatever it is that you wanted him to live with, you knocked it clean out of his head. And that's the irony. See, now, everybody but him has to live with what he did. And what you did, too, Frank.

Curtis Hoyle: You know, you two... You two are almost exactly alike. There's just one difference. Frank would never betray a brother.

Billy Russo: Yeah, well... that's why I'm here, Curtis. I'm gonna make you betray a brother.

Lewis Wilson: You got that over there? Your leg.

Curtis Hoyle: "You got that over there." Are you listening to yourself? I didn't get nothing over there. I lost it. No, seriously, on a... Somewhere on a Baghdad rooftop is a size 11 shoe with my foot still in it.

Lewis Wilson: Yeah, well, you know what I meant.

Curtis Hoyle: I think I do know what you meant. But I don't think you know what you meant. You see, when you look in a mirror, you still see a soldier. And out on these streets, that soldier is invisible to everyone else. If only you'd got something over there, like half your face burnt off or a hook for a hand. That's what you meant.

Curtis Hoyle: We take matters into our own hands. We are not the only soldiers to feel let down by the country we serve. I have friends who have been betrayed in ways that you guys can't even imagine. Everything taken from them. A good man risked his life to save mine. Yeah. And I decided not to throw away that gift he gave me. So I got a job... started my second life. And now I take pride in living that life well.

Curtis Hoyle: Do me a favor, Frank. Don't be a wallowing a**hole. Before I have to take this fake leg off and beat you to death with it. Just imagine your tombstone. "Frank Castle lost an a$$-kicking contest to a one-legged man." I'd do it.

Frank Castle: Yeah. I'd actually kinda like to see that.

Curtis Hoyle: Anybody that had anything to do with what happened to Maria and the kids are dead. Mission accomplished. And I don't have a problem with that. Hell, if you would've asked me, I woulda helped you do it.

Frank Castle: I know that. I know you would have.

Curtis Hoyle: But that was months ago. Now the only person you're punishing is yourself.

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